Direct Order Link plugin & few updates from HostBill dev team

What we’ve recently been up to? Its been a while since last post here, in case you haven’t noticed already we’re posting updates and plugins more often on our second blog – So whats new in HostBill?

  1. HostBill 3.0 has been released few days ago, featuring major domain management updates
  2. We’ve introduced OnApp:LoadBalancers integration as only billing system on the market!
  3. Security has been significantly improved + we’ve added built-in security manager
  4. Languages are no longer kept in database, you can easily manage them through Admin: Language manager
  5. I could go on like this for a long time…

…but why not develop something now? OK!

Introducing: Direct Order Link Plugin

If you’re using HostBill already you probably know that you can use Direct order link for services, so client can add product to cart without selecting one from list by visiting certain URL. Now with Direct Order Links plugin you can do much more! How to use it:

– Log in as administrator & activate Direct Order Link plugin

– While logged in, visit your clientarea->cart

– select product, configure it the way you want (add addons, set forms elements, set values, billing cycles, discounts etc.)

– click on Generate Now

– you will receive direct order link that will contain your current cart configuration – send it to customer for rapid checkout process!

See how it works:

See it in action!

Price: FREE Download
To install: Extract archive in your main HostBill directory and follow screencast guides to activate.
This plugin will be included with HostBill 3.1 by default

OnApp + HostBill integration – introducing Load Balancers module

We’ve been working a lot lately on polishing our OnApp integration, and as a result new module has been created.
OnApp Load Balancers module allows you to offer Load Balancing Clusters and Virtual Machine Autoscaling with your HostBill. Your customers will gain full control over their load balancers, allowing them to assing existing accounts in HostBill as cluster nodes with few mouse clicks.

Make sure to check out our brand new OnApp Load Balancers feature page for more info, screenshots, guides and videos.

HostBill Security Patch for 2.X: Critical Security Issue

Dear Client!
HostBill 2.x security patch.
Last night one of our client notified us about potential security threat affecting HostBill versions 2.x, which may allow to access admin area with previously stolen session cookie.

Please download this patch as soon as possible:
To apply patch please extract archive contents in your HostBill directory, or upload its contents directly to your install (there is only one file that requires overwriting).

We’re not aware of any installation compromised other than reported last night.
If you have questions or any concerns please feel free to contact us. We do apologize for any inconvenience.

Note: 2.8 version download package contains this patch by default from now on, 2.9 version that is scheduled to release next week will also contain it.