HostBill 3.2.1 – Introducing OnApp Reseller

New HostBill version has just been released!
If you’re using OnApp you can now offer reseller program thanks to our OnApp Reseller module – we can build dedicated custom module for you that will allow your reseller to use it on your cloud only, to sell VPS packages he will define in his HostBill.

Learn more about OnApp Reseller at:

Another exciting new feature is ticket tags – watch them in action at

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HostBill 3.2.0 is out – Introducing New Live Chat

We’ve been working lately on major improvements of our built-in live chat – and its finally out!

Quick list of what’s new in 3.2.0:
– Live Chat with Real-Time visitor tracking, invitations, GeoIP & more –
– Domain suggestion plugin for OpenSRS – learn more
– New orderpage – full screen, one-step order – learn more

New version preview:

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HostBill 3.1.4 release – changes/improvements

It’s been a week – so time for another updrade from HostBill team!
Lets take a glimpse of today-released, all new, HostBill 3.1.4:

Further OnApp improvements

Our already great integration with OnApp Cloud just get better! Your client will now have access to new backup-related features, including:

Backup->Template conversion
If you offer cloud/vps backup space, you can now add them ability to convert their backups into re-usable OS Templates from HostBill interface with just few mouse-cliks – simple as that!

Backup Schedule
If you enable Schedules in related OnApp user roles your clients will see new option in their clientarea interface – Schedule Backup. With this option your customers will be able to manage their automated backup schedules, allowing them to create daily/weekly/monthly/yearly backups.

New ticket department permissions

Now you can use additional settings in your Ticket departments including:
– Allowing staff member to reply using email
– Prevent customers from closing ticket opened by staff member
– Prevent customers from re-open ticket closed by staff member

Of course there is lot more in new version For full list of changes/fixes go to

I’d like to take the opportunity and wish our valued customers and friends Happy Holidays and a New Year from HostBill team. Its been amazing year for us, full of great integrations, major HostBill improvements and number of great new customers to work with.
See you in 2012!

HostBill 3.1.3 Release – Introducing Invoice templates!

New in 3.1.3: Invoice templates:
With this cool new feature you can modify your PDF & HTML invoices layout using built-in editor. No programming skills required & no more file edits! – just add/remove contents, edit look & feel – all from HostBill interface. Make sure to take quick video tour at

Full changelog:


Overview of new HostBill features

A lot has changed since last post on this blog – our development yet again gained momentum and we’ve introduced number of cool new features in HostBill. Lets take a quick tour of whats new in HostBill:

Invoice templates

Everything is marketing – even invoices sent to customers. Make sure your invoices will stand out! With new HostBill feature – invoice templates – customizing your HTML & PDF invoices sent from HostBill is really simple! Just use built-in editor to create your own, professional looking invoice, and impress your customers! No programming skills & file edits required! Learn more here

Translation tags

Now HostBill is first and only, 100% Multilingual billing system! Each aspect can be translated to your customer native language – product names, email templates, registration fields, form elements, news, knowledgebase & much more! With easy to use translation tags you can generate tag, that will be replaced with value in visitor language – simple as that! Learn more here

PowerDNS integration

PowerDNS is best Open Source solution for Managed DNS hosting available. Now with our feature-rich integration you can give your clients ability to manage their DNS records in fast and user-friendly way trough billing system interface. Learn more about this integration at PowerDNS Feature page

OnApp module re-built

Our integration with OnApp is already known as best-one available, we’ve decided to make it even better by introducing fresh clientarea template & set of brand new features. Make sure to check our OnApp feature page to learn more about recent improvements.

HostBill 3.1.2 Released – Important security update

Whats new in HostBill 3.1.2 ?
Translation tags – simple yet powerful tool to make your favourite billing system 100% multilingual – learn more

OnApp Cloud selector – if you have more than one cloud installation – HostBill is right billing system for you! Now you can give your customers ability to select cloud during checkout with automatic provisioning still working – learn more

Note: We’ve decided to release HostBill 3.1.2 sooner than expected (by exactly 2 days), as a result of potential security issue detected. Problem may apply to HostBills not secured after initial installation and using built-in HostBill ticketing system.

We apologize for the inconvenience – please upgrade.


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