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Migration to HostBill

Migration to HostBill – all you need to know

HostBill is an extremely feature rich and well-developed all-in-one platform for automation, billing, client management and support. However we do understand that even though HostBill is the perfect solution for many online businesses, making a switch from other similar system that you are currently using and migrating all the data might seem overwhelming and a bit of a hassle. We’ve been on the market for over 10 years now and since day one we’ve been asked numerous questions regarding migration to HostBill from competitive billing/automation systems. Over the years we’ve performed dozens migrations and as a result we’ve worked out set of best practices for migration to HostBill, so you can rest assured your data will be safe.

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Feature overview: Client Self-service Toolbox

Self-service is the new customer service! Customer support usually consumes a lot of time so providing your clients with a self-service support toolbox can help you reduce customer service to a minimum. With HostBill you can allow your customers to find solutions by themselves through a range of self-service support tools and provide your clients with great customer experience with almost no effort!

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Multi-channel support

Feature overview: Multi-channel support

Providing different methods of communication for your customers to reach you and answering all enquiries with the same level of professionalism and agility is what your customers expect from you. Multi-channel support – not only increases customer satisfaction and customer retention but also boosts your brand’s image and credibility. At HostBill we give you the opportunity to serve your clients in a variety of ways that are convenient and effective.

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Client management software

Feature overview: Client Management

At the heart of any business are always customers and any company’s goal should be to cultivate and nurture customer relationships. Successfully managing clients is an ongoing process, but when done right it can have so many benefits for your business: increased trust with your team and clients, a growing positive reputation, less stress, and a smoother process for every project you work on. Here’s how you can use HostBill to successfully manage client data and build client relationships.

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Invoicing software

Feature overview: Invoicing software to match your needs

HostBill provides powerful invoicing solution that can help you to handle even the most complex invoicing tasks. Create professional and elegant looking invoices in any language or currency in a matter of seconds, and instantly deliver them to your clients so you don’t miss a payment. Stay on top of your business and reduce human errors by automating invoice generation, delivery and notifications.

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How to effectively work remotely with HostBill

In the current situation, with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic present worldwide we face many challenges both in our private and professional lives. Due to the isolation requirements, many of you may now be switching to remote work. Without any prior experience working remote, it can be hard to anticipate the challenges your remote employees will face. Although HostBill is in fact built for remote work, in case this situation is new to you, your employees and colleagues, here we’ve highlighted some of HostBill features that can be especially useful and help you work efficiently.

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HostBill DIY Automation

Feature overview: DIY Automation

HostBill provides powerful automation of key areas of your business: billing, service provisioning and account management, that helps to increase productivity by reducing the time taken to perform repetitive tasks. And as increased productivity with less labour costs means increased profit, we can’t think of a better reason to automate your operations! But apart from standard automation features, with HostBill you can also create your own, custom automation rules for each client and per each product or service.

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