Invoicing software

Feature overview: Invoicing software to match your needs

HostBill provides powerful invoicing solution that can help you to handle even the most complex invoicing tasks. Create professional and elegant looking invoices in any language or currency in a matter of seconds, and instantly deliver them to your clients so you don’t miss a payment. Stay on top of your business and reduce human errors by automating invoice generation, delivery and notifications.

Invoicing method

Invoicing requirements and common billing practices are different in Europe and USA or other countries. HostBill invoicing system has you covered no matter what invoicing requirements you have to comply with. Easily switch between Default invoicing method and EU invoicing method with additional pro-forma invoicing settings available, allowing you to decide for example when the final invoice should be generated.

Highly customizable invoices 

With HostBill you have total control over the look of your invoices. All documents created in HostBill can be easily customized to reflect your brand style, match your individual design and color scheme. You can play with the invoice format, sections arrangement, spacing, highlights, transparency, add a logo, set custom header and footer, invoice numeration sequence and define invoice format and prefix. You can also decide which elements should be visible on the invoice (such as account ID, invoice period etc ). HostBill invoicing software also gives you the opportunity to create invoice with two different currencies and in two different languages on one invoice!

Invoice delivery

Generating an invoice is one thing but then you have to make sure that invoice gets into the right hands in a timely manner. In HostBill you can choose how the invoice should be delivered to your customers: via Email + PDF, Email + Plain text, in Paper or Paper + PDF. But that’s not the end. Our notification system let you and your clients stay well-informed about all important events, such as when the new invoice is generated or when the payment is due. You can send your clients mobile notifications: text or push (via a wide choice of mobile notification modules), transactional emails or use client-area notification system. 

Advanced invoicing features

HostBill invoicing software is equipped with tons of great features. With HostBill you have the capability to merge different invoices into one manually or automatically upon certain conditions or split invoice items. You can set how the late fee should be invoiced (added to the invoice or invoiced separately), decide whether the setup fee should be displayed on a separate line or summed up with the product charge and determine how the discount should be displayed (as negative invoice lines, as lines with coupon code or you can choose to simply discount invoice amounts, without showing discount details). You can easily add items to the next automatically generated invoice, set invoice delivery delay and add rules for automatic invoice cancellations (for example when related domain expires, when related account gets terminated or certain amount of days after the due date). HostBill also enables to add a payment link on your invoices to get paid faster and much more! (You can read about it on our documentation.)

Invoicing data import/exprot

HostBill is integrated with some popular accounting platforms, allowing to export/import customer data, transactions and issued invoices information from/to accounting software, such as Quickbooks,, ExactOnline or lexoffice. You can also easily export sorted and arranged in a specified order data to CSV file.

Generate pro-forma invoices, credit notes or credit receipts 

Apart from regular invoices, the right invoicing software should provide the opportunity to create various accounting documents, such as pro-forma invoices, credit notes or credit receipts. In HostBill you can not only choose between default or EU invoicing method, but also create credit notes – documents that indicate the money coming out/owed to customer and credit receipts – documents required in some EU countries to confirm that client has added funds to the account. All those documents layouts can also be easily modified and customized.

Use HostBill game changing invoicing software and gain competitive edge!

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