HostBill Smart Search

Smart Search redesigned

HostBill Smart Search has just received a little makeover!

HostBill Smart Search feature provides efficient search through your HostBill installation. It searches within tickets, invoices, accounts, domains, orders and clients matching your query. We’ve recently worked on the Smart Search UI so it could not only look better but also work better.

The search results are now divided into categories: Clients and Client Contacts are now separate categories, and apart from that: Orders, Accounts, Domains, DNS, Invoices, Estimates, Transactions and Tickets. For the tickets you can also choose to search within ticket replies. DNS Zones is a new category that you can now search for using Smart Search. If a client manages in HostBill any DNS zone matching the search query, it will be shown in search results. Next to each category you will see a number of search results given.

When searching for clients, Smart Search will provide information which attribute matches the searched phrase. For example when looking for an company information, the search will provide email addresses matching

For each admin Smart Search will display the last 5 phrases searched for in a given session (since logging in to the admin area) at the beginning of a new search:

We hope these changes will make using Smart Search in HostBill even more efficient!

Update: 16th March 2020

We’ve added further improvements to the Smart Search! Contacts are now also searchable by main company name/id. It’s also now possible to search through estimate and invoice contents!

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