VPN Resellers module

VPN Resellers module

This week in HostBill we’re happy to present a new provisioning module that will allow you to become VPN reseller!

Sell VPN services with VPN Resellers module for HostBill

VPN Resellers run the biggest VPN reselling program globally, with state of the art technology supporting the most used systems. VPN Resellers module for HostBill gives you an excellent opportunity to effortlessly start your VPN reselling business and build a new source of recurring revenue!

With HostBill accounts are created and managed automatically. Automation also handles billing and invoicing operations. Clients can view their VPN and billing details in our user-friendly client panel, and admins can manage accounts from admin area.

VPN details in client area
VPN details in admin area

Module documentation can be found here.

Why sell VPN services?

It is estimated that the global VPN market in 2020 will be worth $27 billion USD and it’s going to grow in the coming years! The surveys show that even one quarter of internet users around the world use VPNs! These numbers show that there is a high demand for VPN services and that selling VPN can be a highly profitable business. And as you probably already have a customer base of people who understand the value of VPN and a secure internet access, you can totally effortlessly expand your business into this market!

For full list of new features and bug fixes this week please refer to our changelog.

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