Feature overview: Client Self-service Toolbox

Self-service is the new customer service! Customer support usually consumes a lot of time so providing your clients with a self-service support toolbox can help you reduce customer service to a minimum. With HostBill you can allow your customers to find solutions by themselves through a range of self-service support tools and provide your clients with great customer experience with almost no effort!


The Knowledge base is a source of information that can be obtained by clients without sending a support ticket. It contains how-to articles divided into different categories, easily browsed and filtered by your clients. Knowledge base articles can be divided into categories an each category can also have sub-categories. Knowledge base management options allow to easily sort articles and categories, so you can decide which articles should go to the top. To help you with that you can quickly display statistics of each article – number of views, number of upvotes and downvotes. When adding a new article you can also add tags to it for easier management. Articles can be visible only for registered clients or for all users. You can allow your clients to vote for the articles (to see if your customers find them helpful) and let customers add Disqus comments to the articles through additional free module. To make your knowledge base more comprehensive and easy to use you can also link related articles!

There are available Knowledge base statistics that will help you better understand what your customers are looking for or which articles turned out to be more useful. In the statistics tab you can check 100 most viewed articles, 100 most upvoted articles, 100 most downvoted articles and 100 least viewed articles.


If you have anything you want to announce to your clients, any important events concerning your business such as the introduction of a new product, or anything you want to inform your clients about, the News section is a perfect way to keep your clients up-to-date. The news are displayed in the client area in Dashboard section so they are visible to your clients instantly when they log in!

Info pages

Info Pages section on the other hand allows you to add some permanent information that is displayed on the main page in the Client area. The info page can include Terms of service, About Us info, Privacy Policy and more. To set up your Info page you can use html editor. The way how info pages display in client area depends on client area template – templates with side navigation tend to add them as last navigation group.


HostBill also allows to add files that can be downloaded by your customers through their Client area. Downloads may include some additional files that can be used with a certain product/service, applications, utility software and more. Downloads are divided into categories, so that clients are able to find a needed file more easily. The files can be available only for registered clients or only clients who own a specific service (and the service is active).

Status Updates

If you would like to share quick updates about events on your site (maintenance works etc) you can create and schedule events using free Status Updates plugin and automatically notify affected clients using HostBill Ticketing System and additional client area page where scheduled events are displayed on a calendar. When creating new status staff member can choose Servers/Apps and/or Products related to event. This way customers who own services related to event can be automatically notified. Notification tickets are virtual and are not displayed in admin or client area; your clients can also unsubscribe from those notifications with one click. Staff working on the problem can post updates for other staff or customers about the progress. Once the problem is resolved, tickets auto-opened for this event will be automatically closed. The module allows to schedule future events to allow clients track upcoming maintenance work.

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