domain registrar, Stripe Intents FPX payment gateway and more news!

This week we’ve got a real treat for you, as today’s release is full with new features! We’re introducing new domain registrar module, new payment solution, update to Password Manager module, new features added to Theme 2019 and Domain Cart order page, new Order notification, an update to Credit Notes and more! Keep on reading to find out the details! domain registrar integration is a major Russian domain name registrar and hosting provider. HostBil integration allows to sell and manage domain names out of the box. HostBill enables automated domain registration, automated domain transfers and automated renewals. HostBill also ensures – HostBill synchronization, which allows your staff members to update HostBill domain records with registry details, ie. to make sure that domain renewal/expiration dates are in sync. With this integration customers can manage their domains: update domain contacts and nameservers in their client area.
This integration is free and available to all HostBill users!

Stripe Intents FPX payment gateway

FPX Payment – Financial Process Exchange – is an online payment system that allows consumers to make real time online payments using their existing current or savings account. Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), the Central Bank of Malaysia, and eleven other major Malaysian financial institutions are members of the PayNet Group, which owns and operates FPX. FPX provides consumers with the convenience to purchase at their retail websites and online stores. FPX payments is a common payment method in Malaysia. 

Now you can use Stripe Payment Intents gateway and Payment Methods APIs to accept FPX. FPX is a single-use payment method. Customers pay with FPX by redirecting from your website, sending you payment, then returning to your website where you get immediate notification on whether the payment succeeded or failed.The exact customer experience will vary depending on their bank, however the FPX payment flow is well understood and intuitive to Malaysian customers.

This way our Stripe integration now supports over 16 different payment methods!

Password Manager – password sharing method update

HostBill Password Manager module allows to easily manage your passwords and share them in a secure way. The module gives you control over who can view, edit and delete password at the per-password level. Sending passwords over email is always risky, especially when emails are logged. New feature added to the module enabled email template function to replace secrets/passwords in your email with expiring links to reveal passwords. Secret URL will show your client a page to reveal his password, and once displayed the link will expire within 24hrs from revealing.

Once customer receives email and clicks on the link to reveal the password, he will see page to retrieve it.

If you want to learn more please visit module’s documentation page.

Domain Cart Order Page: display price before discount

Domain Cart is a robust and flexible order page optimized for selling domain names and designed to create an amazing user experience. New feature added to this template allows to display the price before discount. Domain market is extremely competitive and it’s always advised to look for new ways to attract customers. Attractive pricing and showing the clients how much they can save with your special offers is always a good idea. Now you can easily do that with HostBill!

2019 Theme: new ticket notifications settings

2019 Client Panel Theme has a great range of options which make using client area easy and intuitive. It’s also extremely feature-rich and we keep on adding new solutions! This time we focused on ticket notifications. Now, when clients open a new support ticket from the client area, they can choose which of their contacts should get notifications regarding this ticket. This way clients can easily organize the messages sent to their staff and direct messages to the right staff members!

Orders: new “pending review” notification

In HostBill you can set different order scenarios – steps, that must be taken once a client submits new order. Steps such as fraud prevention, enable invoice, authorize payment etc might be done automatically by HostBill or manually, by staff. “Final manual review” is an optional final step which allows for final order review right after it was provisioned. Only marking this step as completed (if it’s activated in order scenario) will result in marking the order as Active. Now, if the order awaits final review the admin with “Review” privilege will get email notification about this order. The notification will be sent only if the step “final manual review” is included in the order scenario and when the previous step (Provision) was completed. This way admin can be easily reminded about the last necessary step and quickly act on it!

Credit Notes

Credit notes are documents that indicate the money coming out/owed to customer. This document is mostly used to indicate refund. In HostBill you can enable Credit notes, and as a result your refund menu will allow you to select invoice items that will be refunded. Those items will be used to create another document called Credit note.

Until now Credit notes were created and instantly visible to the clients. Now Credit notes are created in Draft state with ability to accept/convert to final state. In HostBill it is also possible to enable Credit note on downgrade, which when enabled automatically grants client a credit when they downgrade a service. Now in this case we also enable to issue credit note in draft state during downgrades to manually accept/review by staff. Thanks to this new feature you get more control over Credit notes and the money that is being returned to your customers!


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