SmarterMail Licenses module and multitude of new features!

Another Monday, another HostBill release, but this time the list of release entries is quite extensive! A new provisioning module and a multitude of new functionalities. Read on for the details!

SmarterMail Licenses module

SmarterMail (by SmarterTools) is a full-featured email, group chat and team collaboration server that is the perfect alternative to Microsoft Exchange. HostBill integration allows to sell SmarterMail Licenses in a fully automated manner, making it a perfect tool for resellers to grow their revenue with almost no effort. In HostBill licenses are created and managed automatically, with various suspend/unsuspend/terminate conditions available. Also upgrades and downgrades are performed automatically, without staff intervention. Clients can check their license details and manage billing info in easy to navigate client area. Admin can control the service configuration and management in the feature-rich admin panel.

New form field: sequenced slider

HostBill enables your clients to configure their products during order by supplying additional information, using wide range of field types. New form field – Sequenced Slider allows to provide custom steps/increments in the slider. You can define the steps, that will be evenly placed on the slider, which will make it easier for customers to choose selected value. What is more, in all of the form fields which include a slider (Slider, Slider input, Sequenced slider) you now have the ability to show steps / rule below sliders.

Forms: Sequenced slider, slider settings
Sequenced slider in client area

More on how to configure Sequenced Slider can be found in HostBill documentation.

Default payment gateway settings

New setting enables to define the default payment gateway chosen from the gateways, that have been activated. The default gateway can be either set globally (in General Settings -> Ordering -> General) for all clients or per client (in Client profile automation settings -> Ordering) or per Client group.

Client profile automation settings

Clients can also choose default payment gateway from client area (in Account details -> Settings).

Default ticket rate settings

In HostBill you can add fees for dealing with certain support tickets. In Ticket Billing section you can create various support rates for different clients, ticket issues or support departments and then apply them to the tickets. New option allows to set set a “Default ticket rate” per ticket department (in Ticket department settings), client group (in group Automation Settings -> Support & Notifications) or client (in client profile Automation Settings). You can also change the default rate per group and per client.

Client group Support & Notifications settings

Ticket de-escalations

HostBill gives you the opportunity to create various support departments with different permission levels to enhance merchant-client communication. Each ticket department can have different settings, such as different SLA/Escalation rules. Using SLA you can create various policies to act on tickets. It can be used for example to escalate unresponded ticket to a higher priority, overdue unclosed ticket or ask to close tickets that are in unanswered state. New option enables to automatically de-escalate the ticket after staff member replies to it.

Ticket department SLA settings

Billing document template selection

New option in HostBill enables to override document templates per client and per client group, which means you can create override global invoice template settings and choose a different one for given client or group. This option also gives you new possibilities when using our recently introduced Auto-assign group plugin and automatically use different templates for clients from the European Union and different for the ones outside of the EU!

And that’s not all that we have prepared today! The list of all release notes in available in our Changelog!

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