New Revolut payment gateway, updates to IPAM & Inventory Manager and more!

A lot of news this week in HostBill! We’re happy to present new payment gateway: Revolut Checkout integration, new ACLs for IPAM, new features for Inventory Manager, doubled invoice line translations and new Form fields logic rules!

Revolut Checkout Payment gateway

Revolut is a British financial technology company that offers services such as accounts featuring currency exchange, debit cards, virtual cards, Apple Pay, interest-bearing “vaults”, commission-free stock trading, crypto, commodities, and other services. HostBill supports Revolut Checkout payment gateway for collecting payments out of the box. The integration offers tokenization, which means that HostBill will not store your credit card – Revolut Checkout will do it for you. This integration allows HostBill to process recurring charges and issue quick refunds.

Doubled invoice line translations

If you want to issue a bilingual invoice (in two languages), you can do so in HostBill, as HostBill provide translation options for document templates. Now, we’ve added the option to also translate invoice lines – products on the invoice. To turn this option on go to Settings -> Billing -> Document Templates and find section ‘Translate invoice lines’. By default invoice lines are not translated but you can choose to ┬átranslate invoice lines to selected language (from the languages activated in your language pack).

Document templates settings

The translation will be available in the invoice template. Admins will be able to edit/add products to the invoice with double inputs (product name and the translation below).

Invoice details

New ACLs fo IPAM

IP Address Manager module is designed to organize and track unlimited number of IP addresses in your organization/company/department. The module lets you sell and manage IP addresses with automated reverse DNS management, IPv6/IPv4 support, RWhois server, VLAN management and IP provisioning.

In today’s releases we’ve added a set of privileges concerning IPAM that can be set per staff member. Those include: add IP, edit IP, remove IP, add Subnet, edit Subnet, remove Subnet, add VLAN, edit VLAN, remove VLAN and edit IPAM Configuration. Only staff members with relevant ACLs will be allowed to perform certain actions in IPAM.

Staff ACL/privileges

Inventory Manager update

Inventory and Asset Manager module helps you to keep track of every single item your company owns and sell and categorize assets into main categories / item types. With Inventory Manager you can track every item by its manufacturer, vendor, serial number and even physical location in your company. It helps you to create your own structures and manage/resell any asset like software, licenses, hardware, services.

This week we’re introducing a couple of updates to the module. We added a new item status: “In Repair” (in addition to Active, Hidden, Retired). New option allows to select item location from Dedicated Server Manager. Additionally, updating build assignment in Dedicated Server Manager will now also update item locations. New notification allows to send an email to staff X days before item delivery.

Inventory Manager notification settings

Filed logic

In HostBill Forms you can define Field logic – control other fields appearance dependent on the given field value (you need to have at least two form fields created to use field logic). New option allows to hide/show given component based on the cart total value.

Field settings

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