Updated Duo.com module and new multi-factor authentication interface!

Plenty of news this week in HostBill: new Duo plugin – a merge of client/admin modules, improved Multi-Factor authentication interface and more!

Two-factor authentication: new interface

In HostBill we provide a choice of security and verification apps that allow you to secure access to your client and admin panels, verify user identity and add new layer of protection by using two factor authentication. With today’s release we’ve standardized Multi-Factor authentication interface and added multiple new features.

In General Settings -> Other -> Security & Display you can now choose to enforce multi-factor authentication for clients and for staff.

Security & Display settings

When multi-factor is not enforced, both staff and clients can turn it on in their account settings: staff in My Account section (top menu) and clients and client contacts in Security -> Multi-factor authentication (provided that at least one multi-factor authentication module is activated).

Client area: Multi-factor authentication

Only one 2fa module can be used at a time. Activated module can be easily deactivated at any time. To check how each of the multi-factor authentication modules work, please refer to the modules feature-pages and documentation. The new HostBill MFA interface is currently supported by Google Authenticator, Mobile 2FA, Authy and new Duo.com modules!

New Duo.com module

Until now we had two separate Duo.com 2fa modules for client and admin areas. We’re now introducing new Duo.com module that works for both admins and clients. The plugin uses Duo.com service to provide simple two-factor authentication via the tool of your choice (phone callback, SMS-delivered one-time passcodes, Duo mobile app to generate one-time passcodes, Duo mobile app for smartphone push authentication). It’s easy to configure and easy to use and it’s a great way to strengthen access security, provide protection against phishing, social engineering and password brute-force attacks. New module is available for free for all HostBill users who owned previous versions of Duo modules (Duo for admin area and Duo for client area)!

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