January Deal of the Month

In 2022 we’re back with our monthly special offer! In January Deal of the Month you can get 15% off on our Game & Voice Server modules!

15% off on Game & Voice Servers modules

For two weeks we’re offering 15% discount on Game & Voice server modules. To claim your discount use code GAMEVOICE2022 during checkout. The code expires on 10th February!

Shop at -> https://hostbillapp.com/features/hosting-integrations/tag/game_voice_servers/

What’s on sale?

With those modules you can sell game and voice servers from various providers using HostBill software for billing, automation and client management. Automatically provision servers and allow customers to manage their game and voice servers from HostBill client area!

TCAdmin 2 is a game hosting control panel with powerful features designed to help providers to save time and money managing their servers. TC Admin 2 module for Hostbill lets you sell Game and Voice servers. 

Teamspeak 3 is an easy to use and secure voice and text chat application for online gaming, education and training and business communication. HostBill integration allows to sell TeamSpeak servers and bill for number of users directly from HostBill billing panel. 

Mumble is a free, open source, low latency, high quality voice chat application, primarily intended for gamers. HostBill module was created to enable to sell voice servers and charge per server specific configuration variables, thank to HostBill flexible product configuration and billing options. 

Pterodactyl.io is an open-source game server management panel designed with security in mind. Pterodactyl.io supports a huge variety of games by utilizing Docker containers to isolate each instance, giving users the power to host the games across the world without having to bloat each physical machine with additional dependencies. Pterodactyl.io module for HostBill is the perfect tool to sell game servers hosting with plenty of billing models available, allowing to charge end users for CPU, disk space, memory, swap, dedicated IP or location.

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