HostBill in 2019 – yearly summary

The new year is just around the corner and it is time to sum up what has happened in 2019! For HostBill, as usual, 2019 was another year of growth, product development and driving innovative changes. But it was also a special year for us – in 2019 we celebrated 10 years in business!

Keep on developing

In 2019 we kept our pace with delivering new releases at least once a week. In fact, this year we’ve published 67 releases so our customers could enjoy a pack of new features, bug fixes and new modules even more often than usual! In total, this year our team of developers fixed impressive number of 1079 bugs, added 478 new features and made 72 other changes

As always, this year we strived to keep on improving HostBill to fulfill all the needs of our customers for a comprehensive billing, automation and client management solution. In 2019 we’ve introduced many new, advanced and innovative features into HostBill. Ability to override billing & automation settings per client brought huge change into client management. Adding logic and conditions for custom automation tasks made HostBill automation even more powerful. Client portal notifications (also in bulk) gave a new and efficient way of communicating with customers. Free products feature allows to upsell and strengthen relationships with current customers. New tax feature – tax per product and line item enables to apply different tax rates for various products and services, which turns out to be especially useful for EU businesses. We also focused on improving product management, adding Account Metrics feature which allows to set limits of resource usage, monitor it and trigger certain actions upon exceeding the limits. Another new feature allowed to import to import all current prices of all available TLDs from domain registrars. Based on that functionality we’ve also added new function to HostBill: importing products from app/servers.

New modules

In 2019 we didn’t forget about expanding our integration portfolio. We launched 20 new provisioning modules giving our customers a chance to introduce new products and services to their clients and find new revenue stream. Our new integrations allow to sell SSL certificates (Realtime Register SSL, Namecheap SSL), Cloud and VPS Hosting (Hetzner Cloud, UpCloud, Virtuozzo Automator), Shared Hosting (ISP Config, Control Web Panel, VestaCP, Cyber Panel), backup (Rushfiles, CometBackup), various licenses (Immunify 360, Resello Microsfot CSP, iNTY Cascade), game and voice srevers (Mumble,, VPN services (AD/LDAP provisioning) and website builders (Slimsite). Apart from new modules, we also kept on improving existing integrations. We added metered billing support to Plesk, DirectAdmin, cPanel and cPanel Manage2 modules.

Among 9 plugins added this year you can find two two-factor authentication plugins (Authy, U2F), notification plugins (SMS, ClickSend, SendInBlue), Client Active Directory / LDAP and simple but useful password generator widget. We’ve also released major upgrades to Colocation Manager and Support Fields modules.

The list of domain registrars supported by HostBill has also grown, since we’ve added 15 new integrations, with both direct and reseller registrars. We’ve also launched 16 new payment modules, what now makes HostBill support 100 payment gateways with multiple payment methods, to cater to the needs of customers all around the world.

Last but not least, this year we’ve introduced completely new, modern, fully responsive ‘2019′ client panel theme and order page.

What to expect next?

Having enjoyed another very successful year during 2019, all of us at HostBill are enthusiastic about continuing to develop and refine our product – ensuring that features and integrations requested by our customers are delivered in a timely manner, of high quality and finished to satisfaction. In 2020, we’re going to focus on new, more robust and transparent billing engine to give admin better control of recurring service prices. We’re also planning to release a refreshed client portal and we’re also working on improved domain and DNS management features. Besides, we want to keep on releasing new HostBill versions every week, with new features and integrations our clients are looking for. If you’re looking to have any integration or new feature added to HostBill – you can always drop us a hint – we’re always happy to hear our customers’ suggestions!


  • Marecki

    December 30, 2019

    +1 for “improved domain and DNS management features”
    and it could be useful to support / integrate with “WP Domain Checker”

  • Valentinas

    December 31, 2019

    Happy new year!

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