New feature: define logic/conditions for custom automation tasks!

Product automation in HostBill has just became even more powerful with the new ability to create conditions for custom automation tasks!

Custom automation tasks in HostBill

With HostBill automation rules you can ensure the service you provide is fully automated, from signup to termination. Automation areas include the whole service lifecycle from creating the service or product, through automated billing and invoicing, upgrades and downgrades, suspending, unsuspending to terminating.

In HostBill you can also easily create custom automation rules which give you countless of options to manage your services. Creating custom automation tasks is one of the most powerful HostBill features, as it gives you high flexibility to adapt automation options to your needs and to each product/service/account individually. You can choose one of the pre-defined tasks that you wish to implement to your product and that can be configured according to your individual requirements or create your own automation tasks. Each task can be scheduled to be executed automatically on certain events Рyou can set number of days or hours before or after certain event.

Custom automation tasks logic/conditions

New HostBill feature allows you to define various and multiple conditions under which the tasks should be scheduled or executed. Automation tasks conditions provide an ideal way to save time on predictable, repetitive tasks as well as standardize service management process. Also, automating simple yet important processes helps you to avoid unnecessary delays and possible communication gaps and it also minimizes customer dissatisfaction.

How does it work?

When creating custom automation task you can add additional conditions. The tasks include sending the email, opening the support ticket, changing account billing cycle or changing recurring price, suspending the account or terminating the account. The conditions can concern the client (such as client personal details, address, client group, language etc) or the account (date created, billing cycle, billing type, next due date, status and more). You can direct the action to be taken upon one given condition, or define multiple set of conditions that must be met all at once. What is more, the conditions can be grouped, for easier management.

Defining custom automation task conditions

If you’d like to find out more about product automation in HostBill please refer to our documentation.

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