HostBill in 2018 – yearly summary

While the year 2018 comes to the end we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and what we’ve achieved. It has been quite an amazing year for us! 2018 for HostBill was a year of strong progress, especially in terms of product innovation.

New features every week

At HostBill we proud ourselves in our fast release cycle, which has always been one of the biggest HostBill advantages over our competitors. This year we managed to publish 66 releases, which gives us roughly 1.27 releases per week! This way, as always, we were able to quickly react on new market trends, bug reports or feature requests.

Speaking of improving HostBill, in 2018 we’ve added a staggering number of 467 new features, made 76 other changes and fixed 828 bugs!  The enhancements to the product cover various areas: both admin and client panels and our multiple integrations. Especially HostBill admin area has been equipped with many new features: from team management tools (such as new admin permissions or adding staff members teams), through billing (i.e. post paid billing), service management (service auto-renewal control, related services feature) to marketing tools (credit vouchers, product components discounts) and many other.

New integrations

We also keep on working on our integrations, adding new features to the existing ones and introducing completely new modules almost every week!  For the past year we launched 32 new paid modules and 40 free modules!  Many of the new integrations are provisioning modules such as WHM, Digital Ocean DNS, Comodo, InternetX SSL, Rackspace, Duda, Servertastic (and more) that allow to sell and automatically provision services such as SSL certificates, licenses, email services, VPS machines, backup services and other to help you maximize HostBill’s potential in increasing overall revenue.

This year we’ve also put our efforts on developing apps that extend HostBill core functionalities and strengthen fraud protection (, AbuseIPDB, CryptoPhoto), help with billing and collecting payment (Payment Links, Gateway per Client), improve the support efforts (Support PIN), ordering process (Private Products) and miscellaneous utilities that become very useful in various processes when running an online business (MailChimp integration, WebHooks plugin, Customer Rewards)

We also integrated more than 10 new payment gateways and payment methods to make sure our customers can offer solid and secure checkout experience in their preferred currency.

Improving customer experience

In 2018 we also focused on improving customer experience.  We launched completely new website with redesigned marketplace. When developing the new website we focused on improving website navigation and organizing the content to make it easier to read through and find specific information. In terms of customer resources, we also polished-up our documentation structure and introduced new bug report system.

Another milestone for HostBill this year was introducing GDPR changes. We not only implemented necessary changes to our policies and terms of use but also developed a set of tools to help our customers comply with the new EU directive.

What’s next?

Although we achieved a lot in 2018, we will not become complacent. In 2019 we anticipate to keep up the pace with our weekly releases, adding even more new features and new integrations – should you have any suggestions please let us know as we always appreciate our customers’ feedback! We also hope to keep surprising you with our innovations!

All of this would not be possible without our clients who support us and help us to shape our business. We hope that 2018 has been just as memorable for you and for your colleagues. We look forward to working with you in the years to come!

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  • YasserHamed

    January 19, 2019

    We hope to improve UI for client area and admin area like what you do with features and bugs.

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