New feature: product components discounts

Promo codes are an excellent way to encourage purchases on your website, providing your customers with an incentive to buy. With HostBill new feature we give you a new way to offer discounts: now the discounts can apply to specific product components only.

Until now, the discounts in HostBill could apply only to a given product or product category. Now we’ve added the option to specify discounts for specific forms in promotion codes and client groups.

How to set the discount:

Log in to your HostBill, go to Extras -> Promotional Codes. Add new coupon code, choose: ‘Applies to’ and choose ‘Form components’. Choose the applicable product and enter the form variable name in the input box (you can enter multiple variables after a comma).  The result will be the discount applied only to the component price. The discount can either be a percentage or a specific amount.

Specify discount for form.
Form variable name is set here.
Discount result: Discount is applied only to component price (RAM in this case)

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