HostBill Bug report

New Bug Report System

At HostBill we are always looking to fix bugs that negatively impact the users experience and we value your bug reports that help us squash these bugs. We’ve just improved our Bug Report System to make the process even faster and more effective.

Found a bug in our software? Let us fix it!

From now on the bug report section is available only to active, logged-in HostBill users. You can access the Bugtracker section from the main menu in our client area dashboard. To file a bug report simply click on the blue Add New Bug Report button and you will be presented with a bug report form. Clear, concise and informative bug reports will help us to work more effectively and to fix the bugs faster. Please make sure that your report includes precise and detailed information along with any screenshots and error log entries that may help us fix the problem. Before submitting a bug report please also ensure you are using the latest version of HostBill. If you’re using an out-of-date version, please upgrade your HostBill to the latest version and see if the issue persists.

Adding new bug report

Your submission will be carefully reviewed by HostBill team and we’ll contact you if we need more information. If the bug is confirmed, we will work on a the fix. The Bugtracker section will allow you to view all the bugs that you have reported with their current status:

  • Unverified – bug has been added but is yet to be verified by our staff
  • To-do – bug confirmed, but not fixed yet
  • In-progress – bug is currently being fixed
  • Rejected – bug has been rejected (the issue is not a bug or is a support case)
  • Done – bug has been rejected
Bugtracker section in HostBill client area

You can also keep an eye on our weekly release notes to check all the bugs fixed during the week.

Developer version of HostBill modules

HostBill modules are available to buy in two versions: Standard and Developer, which also includes the module’s source code. Until now, the developer version was available upon request, where the source was made available through the ticket.
Since recently the customers who buy a module developer version can simply download it from our client area.

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