New Release!

At the end of this year we’re not slowing down and as on every Monday we release new HostBill version! Find out what’s new!

Transactional email modules update

Transactional emails, unlike ‘bulk’ or ‘marketing’ emails are sent to single individual user, usually in a response to an action taken by that user – and that’s why they’re also called ‘triggered’ emails. Those messages contain important notifications and confirmations, such as account creation emails, account notifications, password resets, order confirmation etc. From now on, thanks to the new enhancement added to those modules, you can send attachments along with the messages (such as PDF documents – invoices, order confirmations ect).

TrustPay CopyAndPay

Recently, we’ve added new payment gateway integration: TrustPay. TrustPay is a payment gateway for Central and Eastern Europe that allows you to accept payments in BGN, CZK, EUR, GBP, HRK, HUF, NOK, PLN, RON, TRY, USD. Now we’ve added the support for TrustPay CopyAndPay payment method. COPYandPAY is a SAQ-A compliant payment-form solution, used to securely accept the payment data.

Admin area changes

In HostBil admin area we’ve improved date pickers UI in Reports section and added “All” option to Records per page in accounts quicklist. We’ve also introduced a couple of new options for our provisioning modules – check out the changelog for details!


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