New release!

This week’s HostBill release introduces some changes into client quicklist and DNS zone import, new features for Password Manager and AD/LDAP plugins and more!

Order drafts

In HostBill, you can create orders on behalf of the client from HostBill admin area. Order drafts can be later converted into invoices. For easier access order drafts are now listed in client profile’s quicklist. The ‘orders’ section is now divided into ‘Regular orders’ and ‘draft orders’ to help you easier manage them!

DNS zone import

For DNS zones import we’ve added the possibility to import DNS zone either from file or by AXFR request directly from HostBill client portal. In HostBill, you can choose the preferred import method either when adding a new zone, or once it’s already added, in the zone details. The import from zone file uses a widely used format described by RFC 1035, while AXFR transfer is a method of a direct name server to name server transfer of a zone file. Once the import is set by the client/admin, HostBill will start a background task and submit a AXFR request to indicated NS. If the request is successful HostBill will paste the zone content to the target DNS.


AD/LDAP module for HostBill was built to enable staff member authentication with Active Directory / Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. The module allows to connect with multiple AD/LDAP hosts to authenticate staff members against them. Staff profiles that are missing in HostBill can be created automatically using a template. Now, when adding an AD/LDAP administrator to HostBill it is also possible to assign an administrator to admin team. When configuring the module in the ‘Admin team’ field you can select admin team (or none) from your HostBill that newly created staff member not present in HostBill will be auto-assigned to.

Password Manager

We’ve recently also worked on our Password Manager module, that helps you to manage your passwords from HostBill and share them with selected staff members in a secure way. It gives you control over who can view, edit and delete password at the per-password level. Our recent improvement gives you the ability to search for a password from Password Manager UI.


For the full list of new features and bug fixes please refer to our changelog.

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