New feature: Free Products

New HostBill feature allows to define and offer free products in addition to other products or services!

Why offer free products to your customers?

The idea to offer free products may seem a bit unsettling for any business owner. But in fact it can be a way to increase sales! How can you take advantage of this feature? Use it to:

  • Up-sell: offer free products to other, more expensive products or services.
  • Encourage customers to purchase more to get the free product
  • Let customers try out the product for some period for free and charge them if they continue to use it
  • Introduce new products to current customers and gather feedback
  • Reward loyal customers with some ‘freebies’

No matter the reasons, offering free products can grab your customers attention and encourages purchasing decisions.

Free products feature – how does it work?

Free products section can be found in HostBill Extras → Promotions → Free Products.

Free products section in HostBill

When adding new free product offer you can set offer expiration date, max usage per client (offer can be limited in use per one client) and target audience – offer can be valid either for all clients, only for new clients or only for registered clients. HostBill also gives you the opportunity to set offer period – if the free product/service is billed on a recurring basis, the offer can concern only the first billing period or be valid for lifetime.

Free products are offered based on a pre-defined conditions. To configure the offer first choose one or more product/services from your portfolio that free products will be offered as an addition to. These products/services can be already active or pending or in client’s cart. Then define which products/services from your portfolio will be added for free.

Free products: conditions of use

The offer is displayed in cart only to the clients, who met the conditions but it is not applied automatically – clients need to claim the offer by clicking the appropriate button, when placing the order.

Free products offer in client area.

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