Namecheap SSL module for HostBill

Resell Namecheap SSL certificates!

Use new HostBill module to expand your product portfolio and resell Namecheap SSL certificates!

Namecheal SSL module

Namecheap is a popular domain registration company, with product portfolio that also includes affordable hosting plans, SSL Certificates, site building tools and online business apps. HostBill already offers integration with Namecheap that allows to automate Namecheap domain management. Now we’re expanding the integration list to help you expand your business! With Namecheap SSL module you can add SSL certificates to your offerings and get some extra profit! With HostBill billing features you can offer SSL certificates as separate products or add-ons/sub-products. Upsell, cross-sell and make your business more profitable!

SSL certificates automation

In HostBill whole SSL certificates management is fully automated. Namecheap SSL module allows you to download available certificates from Nmecheap and sell them with the billing cycle of your choice. HostBill issues and synchronizes the certificates automatically and when the time comes issues a recurring invoice and renews the certificates, without staff intervention!

SSL management platform

HostBill provides an easy to use and navigate platform to manage the certificates: for both clients and admins. Customers can download easily certificate, get certificate status or renew the certificate. In client area customers can also enter Certificate Signing Request or get Domain Control Validation details. The same functionalities are available in admin area, where staff members can also manage client billing details and control account lifecycle.

If you’re interested in becoming SSL certificate reseller see the full list of SSL modules for HostBill.

Power DNS REST API support

In this week’s release we’re also launching PowerDNS REST – a replacement for PowerDNS module that provides the exact same functionality without the need of direct MySQL / ssh access. Instead PowerDNS Rest API is used.
PowerDNS REST module requires:

  • PowerDNS (version 4.0 or higher)
  • PowerDNS Webserver
  • PowerDNS API 

Find out more in module documentation.

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