HostBill Realtime Register SSL module

Resell Realtime Register SSL certificates!

New HostBill integration with Realtime Register is the ultimate tool to resell and automate SSL certificates!

Realtime Register is a Dutch domain name management platform, that also offers security services, including SSL certificates. In our portfolio we already have Realtime Register domain module and now we’re happy to present Realtime Register SSL integration.

With HostBill integration you can easily sell SSL certificates using one of our beautiful order pages and optimize shopping experience thanks to HostBill plugins. Resellers can use HostBill automated recurring billing and invoicing system to run their business completely hassle-free. Set the billing cycle and pricing and let HostBill do the job for you: automatically issue the certificate, generate invoice and collect the payment. HostBill automatically handles full SSL certificate management: from issuing SSL certificate, through synchronizing certificate info to certificate renewal and more.

HostBill client area is the place where your clients can easily manage their services: download certificate, get certificate status or renew it, as well as get Domain Control Validation details and more. Access to client area functions can be controlled from admin panel. Admin can also manage certificates manually from admin area: download available certificates from Realtime Register, get certificate status and more.

If you’re looking to become SSL certificate reseller see the full list of SSL modules for HostBill.

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