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How to use HostBill to boost your marketing and drive more sales

As all-in-one platform for online businesses HostBill’s goal is to help companies in their daily operations, ranging from billing and automation to client management and support. We focus on every aspect of your business and that’s why we developed a range of ecommerce features that will help you grow revenue and attract more clients. Here are some ideas of how HostBill can boost your marketing.

Create beautiful and functional order pages

The order page is where the client makes a final decision whether or not to buy your products or services. Therefore it needs to be not only functional but also look professional and attractive. As the design of the checkout page is one of the deciding factors, we made sure that order pages that we provide are beautifully designed to maximize your conversions. With HostBill you have the choice of over 50 order pages templates that be easily customized to fit your offerings. Each of your product categories can be presented to your customers using different templates and different styles.

Once you choose your design, the second important step is optimizing product details. HostBill provides innovative yet intuitive ways to present your products in the best possible way. Using Forms you can built flexible products with multiple configuration options.

Making sure you provide all necessary information on product/service, payment etc is a crucial step in preventing from abandoning checkout and hence increasing sales.

Use Livechat app for HostBill to interact with clients

Website chats have been replacing not only call centers but also emails to sales and support departments as they are much more convenient and provide the customer with instant access to help.

Live chat plugin is often used as a support tool but it can play a significant role in turning leads into sales and is a perfect marketing, communication and analytics tool for your website. And the best part is it can increase your conversions in real time without split testing. How? Live Chat lets you take initiative, engage website visitors to chat, assist with purchases, provide live support and what is most important give your customers a personalized approach. Starting a conversation with the visitor is much easier when, thanks to real-time footprint information, you have the knowledge of what google search brought visitor to your website, which pages he or she visited and for how long and how many times they visited your website. The GeoIP tool gives you information about the visitor’s country, region and city, browser and operating system. All of the above helps you to communicate and sell more effectively.

Start affiliate program

In online businesses affiliate programs or ‘associate programs’ have major impact on sales. Not only do they increase your sales and let you gain more traffic on your website but also improve search engine rankings. The program’s rules are simple: you let other people promote your products or services and send you website traffic and in return you pay them commision of any sales that came from their website. Affiliate program can be easily introduced with HostBill built-in, feature-rich affiliate solution that is seamlessly integrated with billing features. All you need to do is to create  a special hyperlink for each of your affiliates to post on their website and let them do the job for you. HostBill will automatically track each sale that came from your affiliate and calculate the commission based on predefined rates.. Your affiliates will also have the chance to create discount codes to attract even more customer. The discount they offer will be deducted from their commision rates. Affiliate programs are a perfect way of advertising and spreading the word about your website, especially that you only pay for a specific action (sale), not per a number of views.

Use promo codes

There’s no better way to attract customers than giving them discounts. Promotional codes give your customers (both new and returning) yet another reason to buy your products.

With HostBill you can easily generate promo codes in your admin panel. The discount associated with the code can apply to individual products or services or an entire order and can be either a percentage or a specific amount valid for a given time period. To increase the effectiveness of the code, make sure it’s easy to remember and easy to use. It’s also very important to be clear with the promotion rules.

While setting a promo code is a piece of cake, what requires more work is an effective distribution. There’s no point in creating a promo code if it won’t reach your audience. Think of the channels that could reach your potential customers. What usually works is posting on your blog and social media, sending an email campaign or using a relevant coupon distribution website.

Use Cart Suggestions plugin

By using Cart Suggestions plugin you can display shopping suggestion in the order confirmation page and offer your customers additional products or services that they may be interested to buy without interrupting their order process. That feature allows you to advertise products your customer may not be aware of and give them incentive to buy more. The suggestions can be built based on customer behaviour or based on your recommendations – simply highlight the products you want to sell!


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