HostBill 2018 released

Introducing HostBill 2018

The beginning of 2018 marks some significant changes in HostBill. We’re happy not only to announce the launch of our brand new website, with the new fresh look, user-friendly navigation and updated information about products and services offered by HostBill, but we’re also pleased to introduce new HostBill 2018 version.

In HostBill 2018 we have not only extended core HostBill functionalities by adding new features such as Post Paid Billing, integrating new payments gateways (Coinfy, Coingate and more), adding extra measures for fraud protection (FraudLabsPro module), but also enhanced all HostBill licenses to include even more integrations!

HostBill Cloud Edition contains all HostBill features that were developed to cover all aspects of running a successful online business and are necessary for Cloud Hosting providers. This edition includes essential cloud hosting modules such as: OnApp Cloud, OnApp CDN, OnApp DNS, cPanel, CloudStack, Plesk, OpenStack, Proxmox and many more. Now, we have added two new modules: DigitalOcean and Power DNS to this edition and included 15, instead of 10 support tickets!

HostBill Data Center Edition was designed with Data Center industry in mind. Apart from core HostBill features this edition includes a range of modules created specifically for Data Center businesses to improve the efficiency in managing the infrastructure, such as Inventory Manager, Colocation Manager, IP Manager and a number of other integrations. Data Center Edition integration portfolio was extended with eight new modules: Openstack, OnApp CDN, DigitalOcean, Ahsay Backup,  DCI Manager, LibreNMS, Password Manager and AD/LDAP. Also, the license now includes 20, instead of 10 support tickets!

The most powerful and most flexible HostBill All-inclusive Edition is the best value for money. This edition not only includes all available hosting modules, all available apps, all available client portals and order pages but also 100 support tickets. From now on, the All-inclusive Edition also comes with additional license for testing!

HostBill Enterprise Edition is the basic HostBill license that gives you access to all core HostBill features, integrations with popular hosting modules and a number of handy apps: Slack Notifications, Fraud Protection, Affiliate System, Client Geolocation, Time & Performance Tracker and more. The basic license comes with 10 support tickets included.

Not sure which edition will best suit your business needs? Check out our comparison chart for more details and decide for yourself!

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  • Matt Lauer

    February 2, 2018

    Thank you to the Hostbill team. We look forward to many of these features, especially the testing license. When developing your own plug-ins – it is much better when you have a proper dev environment!

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