HostBill new release

What’s new in HostBill

This week’s HostBill release brings in some exciting new features to a number of modules: Plesk, OpenStack, Inventory Manager and Password Manager.

Password Manager

Password Manager is a module that lets you manage your passwords from HostBill and share them with selected staff members in a secure way.

Now, password management has become much easier with the ability to create different categories for passwords. Until now, the passwords were not categorized and displayed in a single column on the main page. From now on you can organize your password and assign them to different categories.  All existing passwords will be assigned to the “default” category and can be easily moved to different, newly created categories. All actions performed on categories (adding, removing, editing) are logged and can be reviewed at any time. Removing the category entails removing all passwords assigned to that category, but before that action is performed, the user will be warned about the consequences.

With the module’s new functionalities you can assign to your clients single passwords or whole categories and assign Admin ACL to password category, which will serve as default ACL when adding new password to it. The customer-assigned passwords can now be listed in the entire HostBill admin-area (in quick listings).

Another new feature allows you to copy the password with just one click, without revealing it!

Password Manager module

Inventory Manager

Inventory and Asset Manager module helps you to keep track of every single item your company owns and sell and categorize assets into main categories / item types. With Inventory Manager you can track every item by its manufacturer, vendor, serial number and even physical location in your company. It helps you to create your own structures and manage/resell any asset like software, licenses, hardware, services.

We’ve just added a few new features to the module. First of all, all actions in Inventory Manager are now logged to separate log (file + database). It’s now possible to easily search through the items serial numbers when adding to a build and we’ve also enabled to edit finished builds. We’re also happy to let you know that from now on you can import/export data to/from Excel spreadsheet!

Inventory Manager


OpenStack module for HostBill has also gained two new features. New client function allows the client to manage rDNS records. We’ve also added option to select memory unit in product (GB/MB).


Plesk module has been equipped with some new options: Email Forward Setup, Email Aliases and Auto-Reply have been added to the Email Management Widget!

Plesk email management

If you’re interested to find out more about new features added and bug fixed this week, all release notes can be found on our website, in the Changelog section.

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