HostBill Domain automation and management

Domain automation and management

If you’re selling domains, HostBill is the ultimate domain management software, that will help you to operate your domains with precision and completely effort free. Not only you will free yourself from the most time-consuming tasks by automating them, but we will also give you a powerful sales tool that will provide your customers with smooth buying experience.

How is it possible? In a nutshell HostBill automates all aspects of domain management – from registration, through transfer, expiration reminders to automatic renewals. HostBill also ensures automatic synchronization of your domain names with related registrars to make sure that details you store are up to date. What is more, HostBill gives you the opportunity to order and manage domains in bulk: set privacy, name-servers, auto-renewal and other settings for number of domains with just a few mouse clicks.

HostBill is integrated with more than 40 most popular domain registrars APIs, so that you can choose best domain registrar for you and enjoy lowest rates and highest returns from each domain sold.

Selling domain names with HostBill

HostBill is a perfect tool to sell and automate your domain name offerings. You can create one or multiple order pages dedicated to domains and adapt them to your needs. HostBill offer variety of order page templates, that allow you to sell domains separately or bundled with other products/services; sell either single or multiple domains at once and offer multiple TLDs at the same time. You can also use Domain Suggestions plugin to provide your customers with smart domain name suggestions at the time of the purchase. With HostBill you also have access to multitude of plugins and tools to increase your sales!

Domain pricing

Each domain has its own price that can be easily modified, so the clients can feel free to choose a pricing solution which suits them best. Domain’s price is by default ‘Regular’ as it is always at least for a year period. You can easily add more pricing options and set a period and prices for register, transfer and renew. This way clients with different requirements are not restricted with one time period and one default price anymore. When you decide to modify the price, you can use ‘Apply this pricing to all TLDs from this Order Page option, so the price you’ve just set is applied to all domains automatically. With HostBill you can also update price in bulk: increase or decrease domain prices by a percentage or by a fixed amount with just one click. you can apply the change to domain registration, transfer or renewal and you can update recurring prices of related domains/accounts. It’s especially useful when you intend to provide discounts or increase prices on all domains in your storage.

Domain pricing

Domain automation

The key aspect of HostBill is automation. For each domain product added to HostBill you can set custom automation rules. For automatic registration, transfer and renewal you can choose when the action should be performed by HostBill – when the order is placed or only after the payment is received. You can also decide when (how many days before the expiration) to automatically generate renewal order. As for the expiration, you can determine whether HostBill should (and if yes, when) auto-delete expired domain. You can also easily set domain ‘grace period’ -number of days after expiration when the client still can renew it. HostBill also gives you the possibility to send multiple automatic reminders: about domain expiration and due payment (before and after due date). Automation settings can be easily copied from one domain product to another.

DIY custom automation

Apart from standard automated provisioning that HostBill offers, each product or service can have its own, custom automation rules created by your staff. The rules can be created to send custom emails, create tickets, change account details upon certain events and more. The rules can apply to all accounts connected to the given product/service or selected account only.

Domain lifecycle

Domains in HostBill fall under a certain lifecycle, which can be automated or managed manually. First, when the customer request domain transfer or registration through HostBill order page, the domain status is set to Pending Registration or Pending Transfer. Then, when the customer pays the invoice, HostBill registers domain or initiates transfer process. It happens automatically if such setting is enabled or manually by staff member using Register|Transfer button in admin GUI. Domain status is then changed to Active. When the Domain registration period passes, HostBill issues domain renewal invoice before domain expiration date. Domain status is still Active. If a customer chooses to renew the domain, after paying the invoice, HostBill issues Renew command to registrar (or staff member does so from admin interface) and the domain remains Active. If the customer chooses not to renew the domain, after reaching domain expiration date HostBill marks this domain as expired, and the status is changed accordingly.

Domain management from client area

Clients can manage their domains from the client area according to the client functions enabled for certain domain. This means that the admin decides what customer can do: whether or not they are allowed to set automatic renewals, change billing cycle, manage nameservers, manage privacy, change ownership, manage DNS, get Auth Info / EPP Key, synchronize domain and more. Available client functions can vary and be different for various domain products.

Domain management from client area

Domain management from admin area

Admin has access to all domain details and can manage them from HostBill admin area. Domain listing displays all of your clients domains, which can be filtered by domain name, status, registrar or client name to help you quickly find what you are looking. The domain listing section allows you to perform bulk actions on domain. You can select number of domains to renew, synchronize or delete all with a single mouse click. HostBill also allows you to send message or send expiration notice for multiple domains at once.

Domain details section provides you with all the information about given domain: registration and expiration dates, status, registrar, client info, payment information and more. This is also where you, as an admin, can manage the specific domains: register, transfer, renew, delete, update contact info, display EPP code, update registry-maintained DNS records, manage email forwarders, register custom name servers or send email to the client.You can also browse (and schedule) automation tasks list, see and manage related services (services that were ordered along with the main domain or the services that the admin assigned to this service) and view Domain Log (all the changes made to the domain either by the client or by the admin).

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