Virtuozzo Automator HostBill module

New integration: Virtuozzo Automator

New in HostBill: Virtuozzo Automator integration to sell and automate single VPS, fixed or flexible cloud!

Virtuozzo Automator module for HostBill

Virtuozzo Automator is a flexible and easy-to-use administration tool for managing groups of physical servers running Virtuozzo. With Virtuozzo Automator, you can manage both physical servers and virtual environments hosted on those using a Web browser.
HostBill integration with Virtuozzo Automator gives you the opportunity to sell single VPS, flexible or fixed cloud and use our various billing models to bill for disk size, OS templates, backups, CPUs and memory. HostBill automation takes care of creating Virtual Machines and Containers as well as managing the whole account lifecycle. The module is extremely feature rich on the client side. Depending on the client functions enabled by the admin, clients can create and destroy virtual machines and containers and have full control over them; create and manage backups, track bandwidth usage and display various graphs, browse VM logs and more. Admin area allows to browse virtual machines and control the power, manage billing details and account lifecycle.

VM Overview from HostBill client interface
VM Overview from HostBill client interface

Statistics & Reports

In HostBill you can browse various information in a form of statistics and reports, available under Extras from the top menu. Statistics concern income, sign-ups and support tickets that can be filtered in multiple way. New feature for Support Ticket statistics allows to filter them by week and department:

HostBill statistics
HostBill Statistics: filter by weeks and departments

Reports in HostBill can be easily accessed through a customizable widget on the admin dashboard. Now you can not only edit data series used in a report but also sort and edit color assigned to given data series. For some this change may be insignificant, but achieving color harmony in business reports provides a visual platform for presenting the information effectively!

HostBill reports
HostBill reports: sort and edit color of data series

The full changelog with the list of new features added and bug fixed this week is available here.

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