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HostBill 4.0.0 Preview: Reports/Audit tools

Soon (on 2012-10-19) HostBill will reach its 4.0.0 milestone. It took us approx. 1 year and over 28 (!) public releases to get here (you can track last year’s progress at

In this blog post we’d like to show you feature that is scheduled for 4.0 release: Reports.

HostBill had (and still has) built-in statistics as graphical representation, but we realize some data look better (and sometimes has to be) presented in numbers and on paper. 4.0 comes with over 20 useful and insightful reports, such as Sales tax liability, support ticket ratings reports, transactions per gateway etc.

Best part is – reports are customizable with drag & drop, and each result set can be limited with custom criteria, to get exactly what you need in fast and easy way!

Next version sneak preview pt.2

Hello again – this time lets take a look at one of the new HostBill admin area features – system statistics. These are graphical representations of HostBill important statistics. Good thing to know is that if you feel something is missing here we can add new one within minutes for you! Let us know what graphs you’d like to see there.


(Click on the image to zoom it)