New Release!

This week’s release is packed with new features added to various modules. See what’s new!

User Api

User API module for HostBill lets your customer gain access to HTTP REST API to enable integrations with third party apps. In this week’s release we’ve added the method that gets the domain details by name. The ‘add contact’ method now returns the identifier of the contact created. We have also changed ordering method which now additionally returns a list of all order items.


In HostBill, admins can assign and managed related services: a newly ordered service can be assigned to any previously purchased service. Related services are listed in the service details. Thanks to the new DomainDNS feature, Auto-adding/removing zone will automatically link or unlink domain and DNS service under “related services”.A link to client domain details will lead to Admin DNS Zone editor if its enabled.

Geo Location

The Client Geolocation plugin enables to get information about your client current location. Based on that knowledge, the plugin automatically selects client’s currency and preferred language. Thanks to the new feature, when registering a new client, the currency will be set according to the rules set in the module

Hetzner Cloud

Hetzner Cloud module allows the admin to sell and automate Hetzner Cloud Virtual Machines and VPS Hosting and the client to manage VM from the client area. New functionality allows to client to manage snapshots.


See the full release notes in our changelog!

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