Authy 2 factor authentication plugin

This week in HostBill we’re presenting new plugin, that adds extra measure of protection to your HostBill admin and/or client areas: Authy 2FA.

Why two factor authentication is important? It requires an extra step when logging into your accounts apart from providing your password and username and this way it makes attackers’ life harder and your data more secure online.

Authy is one of the top rated authenticator apps, that is simple to setup, provides secure cloud backup and works on multiple devices. The authentication is done through Authy Tokens generated by SMS or Phone call. The app works offline – you can still access secured websites without internet access on your phone.

This plugin works both for HostBill admin and client areas. You can add additional registration field to customer and admin profiles: Two factor auth (Authy) checkbox to enable/disable 2factor authentication in their profiles.

Module configuration

To configure the Authy 2FA authorization for the admin account, click on the My Account on the top bar in the admin panel and activate the Two factor auth (Authy) checkbox. You will be asked to enter your e e-mail address, phone number and country. Once the configuration is successful a `User created successfully` info message will be displayed.

After configuring Authy Two factor auth, during logging in to the system, an authorization page appears in which you must authorize using the Authy token generated by SMS or Phone call. Only after successful login you will be redirected to the main page.


Apart from new plugin, this week we’ve updated our WebNIC domain registrar module – we’ve added the possibility to set ID Protection and set a proxy flag when registering a domain. OnApp module has a new feature: warnings for failed backup schedules.

We’ve also worked on graphs – now customers can select custom period to view any graphs assigned to account.

For the full list of new features and bugs fixed this week please refer to our changelog!

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