HostBill New Release

eWay Token payment gateway and new “Archived” client status.

This week in HostBill we’re adding card tokenization support to eWay payment module and a new client status for even better client management!

eWay Token payment module

eWay is a leading global payment gateway, allowing businesses to accept secure credit card payments 24/7 from customers around the world. HostBill already provides integration with eWay payment gateway and now we’re adding a solution that supports card tokenization, which means HostBill will not store credit card details – eWay will do it for you. You can capture your customers details once, and securely store them on eWay’s PCI DSS compliant servers for any time they wish to make a purchase in the future. eWay will provide a token to securely use it for subsequent card charges!

Archived client status

To help you better manage your customers, all clients listed in your HostBill have one of the four statuses: active, closing, closed and pending removal.¬†We’ve now added new client profile: archived. Archived clients, similar to clients with “closed” status are no longer able to login to your client area. It’s the admin who decides when to archive inactive client profiles . You can set it the General Settings -> Other -> GDPR, where you can not only choose after what time since the last payment to archive client profile, but also after what time to remove archived profiles. Archived clients can only be viewed by admins with relevant permission level – in admin ACL we’ve added new permission: “View archived clients”.

Client Data Retention settings in HostBill

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