First release in 2020!

2020 will be no different than 2019 in terms of HostBill releases! As usual, we’re going to start each week with a pack of new features!

Filter admin listings

In today’s release we’ve added the option to setup filter operators on numeric and date filters in admin listings. This way you can easier and faster find information you need, for example invoices older than X.

Point to custom mecached server host/port

By default HostBill uses file system to store its cache data. Primary use of cache in HostBill is performance/reduced page load times. If you plan to use HostBill in HA (High-availability) setup, you may want to consider using Memcache(d) as your cache driver in HostBill (which is default for HostBill installed with Enterprise installer). To find out more on how to configure HostBill to use Memcached for caching please refer to HostBill documentation.


This week we’re also adding new feature to DNS management. Enabling DNSSEC will now automatically update domain registry with DS/KEY records if related module has DNSSEC manage support.

OnApp 6 new client function

OnApp module has an extensive list of client function that can be managed by staff as you have full control over client area features access and appearance. New client function for OnApp Cloud v6 that can be toggled in product allows clients to change VM Hostname. For the full list of available client functions you can read related article in HostBill documentation.

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