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Overview of new HostBill features

A lot has changed since the last post on this blog – our development yet again gained momentum and we’ve introduced a number of cool new features in HostBill. Lets take a quick tour of what’s new in HostBill:

Invoice templates

Everything is marketing – even invoices sent to customers. Make sure your invoices stand out! With new HostBill feature – invoice templates – customizing your HTML & PDF invoices sent from HostBill is really simple! Just use built-in editor to create your own, professional looking invoice, and impress your customers! No programming skills & file edits required! Learn more here.

Translation tags

Now HostBill is the first and only, 100% Multilingual billing system! Each aspect can be translated to your customer’s native language – product names, email templates, registration fields, form elements, news, knowledgebase & much more! With easy to use translation tags you can generate a tag, that will be replaced with value in visitor language – simple as that! Learn more here

PowerDNS integration

PowerDNS is the best Open Source solution for Managed DNS hosting available. Now with our feature-rich integration you can give your clients ability to manage their DNS records in a fast and user-friendly way trough the billing system interface. Learn more about this integration at PowerDNS Feature page

OnApp module re-built

Our integration with OnApp is already known as the best-one available, we’ve decided to make it even better by introducing fresh client area template & a set of brand new features. Make sure to check our OnApp feature page to learn more about recent improvements.

HostBill 2.8.0 is now available to download!

We’re happy to announce that HostBill 2.8 has just been released and is available to download from our client area.

New version quick links:

  • Full Changelog is available in our forum
  • The new version can be downloaded from client area
  • Installation/Upgrade HowTo can be found in documentation.

Small things that make HostBill so great to work with pt.1

Weʼre just like you – every day we work our way through hundreds of tickets, processing orders and managing accounts. Aside from development, we perform many repetitive tasks just like you, and weʼre always looking for ways of making these tasks easier:

– Why two clicks instead of one?

– Why have to scroll down instead of seeing everything in one place?

– Why we need to travel miles with the mouse pointer?

You wonʼt be asking yourself any such questions when working with HostBill!

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HostBill v.1.4.0 Released

Long-awaited Hostbill version 1.4.0 is out! Visit our online demo and experience new features like:

  • Multi-Currency support
  • Bulk Invoice Payment
  • Quotes/Estimates
  • Custom client fields (VAT number, mobile phone etc)
  • Embedable live chat

…and much much more! Our integrated third party modules list is still growing, with this version we’re introducing goodies support like:

  • LogicBoxes – sell your Resellerclub hosting!
  • ISPManager
  • H-Sphere
  • DotNetPanel
  • Ashay backup

… and as usual: LOT MORE!

Go ahead and grab latest version of HostBill from our client area!