Overview of new HostBill features

A lot has changed since the last post on this blog – our development yet again gained momentum and we’ve introduced a number of cool new features in HostBill. Lets take a quick tour of what’s new in HostBill:

Invoice templates

Everything is marketing – even invoices sent to customers. Make sure your invoices stand out! With new HostBill feature – invoice templates – customizing your HTML & PDF invoices sent from HostBill is really simple! Just use built-in editor to create your own, professional looking invoice, and impress your customers! No programming skills & file edits required! Learn more here.

Translation tags

Now HostBill is the first and only, 100% Multilingual billing system! Each aspect can be translated to your customer’s native language – product names, email templates, registration fields, form elements, news, knowledgebase & much more! With easy to use translation tags you can generate a tag, that will be replaced with value in visitor language – simple as that! Learn more here

PowerDNS integration

PowerDNS is the best Open Source solution for Managed DNS hosting available. Now with our feature-rich integration you can give your clients ability to manage their DNS records in a fast and user-friendly way trough the billing system interface. Learn more about this integration at PowerDNS Feature page

OnApp module re-built

Our integration with OnApp is already known as the best-one available, we’ve decided to make it even better by introducing fresh client area template & a set of brand new features. Make sure to check our OnApp feature page to learn more about recent improvements.

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  • James

    December 14, 2011

    Ok, officially, NOW you’re AWESOME!!!!


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