New plugin and new admin area features.

With the latest HostBill release we’re happy to introduce new (& free) plugin and a number of features for HostBill admin area.

Payment Migration plugin

Payment Migration is a and simple plugin to migrate gateways selected for accounts/domains. The plugin allows the admin to change payment gateway used to charge for the recurring invoices for given service or domain. It’s especially useful if you resign from using certain gateway (for example due to high charges) and want to migrate to the other with just a few mouse clicks.

Payment Migration

Payment Migration plugin is free and available to all HostBill users. It can be activated from Extras -> Plugins -> Payment Migration.

Document templates

With HostBill you can easily edit and customize document templates. We have now added the option to switch document editors between WYSIWYG and source code. This will change how document templates will be edited (in Settings->Billing->Document templates). The default editor is source code, but it can be changed in Settings -> Other -> Admin portal.


At HostBill we’re always committed to providing you with the tools that will improve your efficiency. We’ve now added the option to quickly create new duplicate invoice. Under More Actions drop-down menu in the invoice details section click on Create similar to duplicate the invoice and quickly change its details if needed. This button can save you a lot of time and effort!

Create similar invoice


We’ve taken some time to improve the look & feel of admin part of Downloads portal. We’ve also added related client name and link in the list of single-client files. The single-client files can be added to the client profile in profile details. You can then view all single-client files in Downloads section.

Downloads list

Gateway Fees

HostBill Gateway Fees plugin helps your business to become more cost-effective – it enables you to set and automatically apply additional charges for using certain payment gateway. The fees can either be a percentage value, calculated from the total price or fixed amount. We’ve now added the possibility to setup separate percent charge per currency.

Gateway fees



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