Introducing WHM module for HostBilll

WHM module for HostBill

Provide your Cloud users with white label tool to manage their WHM/cPanel accounts within HostBill with our new WHM integration.

WHM (WebHost Manager) provides administrative control over dedicated servers or VPS and allows a hosting provider to manage the customer’s account. The WHM module for HostBill lets you conveniently sell reseller hosting and managed WHM services.

The WHM module works with OnApp and cPanel modules:

  • For OnApp, the module adds a button to OnApp VM in HostBill client portal if said VM uses OS template preinstalled with WHM.
  • For cPanel module, if a reseller creates account on WHM, then he/she are empowered to manage cPanel account in HostBill using cPanel module.

WHM module allows the customers to perform various actions on cPanel accounts directly from HostBill client area. The customers can create, access, list, edit and manage (suspend/unsuspend) accounts in an easy and convenient way. The module also enables auto-login to both cPanel account and to WHM.

The admin panel gives you the power to manage billing details and control the whole account lifecycle.

The full list of module’s features along with the pricing can be viewed here.

WHM module
Reseller can login into cPanel account to manage it from HostBill interface
WHM module for HostBill
List of cPanel accounts created in WHM managed by this module
WHM module for HostBill
Manage WHM/cPanel button available in OnApp client interface.


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