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More info on new version, OS Template picker

HostBill 1.2.6 coming up – release is scheduled on tommorow, so exactly after two weeks from previous release. I think we will win our own time-challange, because we’ve done A LOT during this two weeks of development.

I’d like to share with you another new exciting HostBill feature – OS Template choose for clients. This is dedicated for VPS hosts who wants to fully automate their business – VPS can now be automatically created with OS template that client picked during order. But the most amazing part is that you as administrator dont need to type in every offered template by hand – just click “Get values from server” and HostBill will fetch all available templates for you automatically! No more complex custom fields, and updating them everytime new OS arrives.

Add this to our other new feature – daily / weekly billing, sit back, relax and enjoy new signups – VPS Hosting rocks!


Admin area – product configuration.


Clientarea – OS available to pick during order

Eyecandy from next version

Hello all HostBill users! We’re working hard on record-speed release, and I’ve got a little sneak-preview of one of features. It is console for our module (statistics were already introduced on their forum).  I’ve just finished implementing it, therefore it might need some styling. Dont forget to leave comment below, letting us know what you think and what else needs to be done.

As usual – click on image to zoom.


Next version sneak preview pt.1

Hello all interested in HostBill application, have i got a little eye candy for you! Attached below is screenshot of new cart template which will be included into upcoming next HostBill release. I think everyone who are interested in VPS hosting will appreciate possibilities it creates. Stay tuned for more previews, and let us know what you think in comment section below.

VPS slide

(clik on image to zoom in)

Announcing HostBill 1.0.2 upcoming release

Hello all intrested in HostBill project.
We’re happy to annouce that version 1.0.2 getting its last screws and bolts and it will be released very soon from now (date will be revealed in next post). As we’re very excited with it, we’d like to give you a sneak preview of upcoming new features in HostBill – mostly developer-friendly ones.

Here is short list of upcoming features:
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Import Your Cpanel & DirectAdmin accounts and details into HostBill

Today we lanuched a new HostBill feature which will save your from having to copy each account manual from
Control Panel to HostBIll.

Import Cpanel, DirectAdmin accounts into hostbill
Import Cpanel, DirectAdmin accounts into hostbill

“Import Accounts” script fetches informations listed below and create respective accounts in HostBill:

  • user name
  • email
  • domain name

If product doesn’t exist script prompt for product name and create automatically, you just set a price.

This will save you a lot of time. If you need added new Control Panel to import script please open a support ticket.
Thanks for using HostBill!