New order page template & lots of new functionalities!

This week we’re happy to introduce a new Side Summary One Step Template! In admin panel new functions concern service and domain labels, billing cycle client function, mail settings and more!

New Onestep 2019 Side Summary order page template

2019 Side Summary is the newest template for your store design to give it a modern and professional look. It’s a combination of Cloud 2019 order page with side-summary. This template features a one-step checkout, providing a smooth and quick shopping experience, as clients pick a package, configure it, add domains, addons, configuration options and signup all on one page.

The sleek design ensures that your products are highlighted without being overly flashy or distracting. The orderpage features a responsive layout, ensuring that your site looks great on any device, whether it be a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. The design is fully customizable. With lots of handy ecommerce features, 2019 Side Summary is a great choice for your online store.

2019 Side Summary order page is included in the 2019 Client Panel Theme and free to everyone who already owns this theme, but please be aware that it will not work on other themes.

Release notes

Quite a lot of news concern the admin panel today. Domains as well as accounts in HostBill can have various labels assigned to them, visible in both client and admin areas. Whether the client can change the service label can be controlled via client functions. From now on, the domain label is now shown in domain details in admin UI. Staff member now have the option to edit domain labels and all label changes (for service and domain labels) are now logged into corresponding logs.

Recently added Service Group tab now enables to filter services. An improvement in promotional codes allows to automatically archive promotional codes past its expiration date, if such date is set for the codes. In Client functions, the Change billing cycle function now also supports “Billing cycle display” configuration option. In Mail settings it’s now possible to set a separate sender name for each language in email templates and for additional mail senders.

When it comes to the modules, in our recently added PolarisMail integration a new client function was added: the support for mailbox SSO from account management. In UpCloud it’s possible to use custom UpCloud plan with custom memory/cores selection. And two registrar modules: and have a new function that removes the clientHold status.

All release notes are available in the Changelog!

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