PolarisMail module for HostBill

Sell, provision and mange PolarisMail email services!

This week we’re launching a new email module: PolarisMail integration! Additionally in today’s release we’re adding a new domain status, a new option in DNS and a couple of other improvements!

PolariMail integration

PolarisMail is dedicated email hosting provider that offers private and reliable email, calendar, contacts, file sharing & email-related services, that provides a unique, specialized experience for both individuals and businesses alike. With the new HostBill module you can sell PolarisMail accounts in a fully automated manner. Using various billing models available you can set up your products/services and bill clients for total or enhanced mailboxes, mailbox quota, aliases and distribution lists. HostBill automatically handles creation and management of the account (suspension, terminations etc). The module is multi-functional on the client side, as the client panel gives customers the opportunity to manage accounts, aliases, forwarders and lists as well as account billing details. It also allows users to login to PolarisMail directly from HostBill client area. In the admin panel traditionally you can view and manage billing details and control the account lifecycle. Check the feature-page for details and pricing!

Release notes

In other release notes we have news in API Calls – getAccountDetails now also returns metrics related to the account (if any) and a related cancellation if it’s present for the account. This week we introduced a new domain status – Suspended domain, in addition to: active, expired, pending, pending transfer and cancelled. A new option in DNS Services allows to set the client’s name servers for the zone.

Check the Changelog for all the details!

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