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Colocation & IPAM plugin updates

With recent releases we’re working more than hard on improvements to our two commercial plugins:
IP manager – IPAM
Dedicated Servers & Colocation Manager

Let us walk trough some of amazing new features, step by step of how it can be used in your company, and learn how those two modules works great together!

1. Check walktrough below to see whats new in Dedicated servers manager (click on image for higher resolution)

2. IPAM module have been rewritten from scratch, check whats new next to IPv6 support: (click on image for higher resolution)

This is just a start of our plugins improvements – for full changes track our weekly changelog:

New plugin: Custom Direct Cart Links

If you’re using HostBill you probably already know that you can use Direct order link for services. Now with Direct Order Links plugin you can generate links containing custom order configuration! How to use it:

  • Log in as administrator & activate Direct Order Links plugin
  • While logged in, visit your Clientarea->Cart
  • Select product, configure it the way you want (add Addons, Forms elements, Values, Billing cycles, Discounts etc.)
  • Click on Generate Now
  • You will receive direct order link that will contain your current cart configuration
  • Send link to customer for rapid checkout process!

See how it works:

See it in action!

Price: FREE Download
To install: Extract archive in your main HostBill directory and follow screencast guides to activate.
This plugin will be included with HostBill 3.1 by default

Coming up in HostBill 2.8 – Twitter Plugin – try it now!

We love Twitter here in HostBill – that’s why we’ve created simple plugin for our App to show latest Twitter updates in clientarea homescreen – now you will be able to update all your clients with latest tweets. This plugin will be available in HostBill 2.8 – but you can get it now!

Download & Install
1. Download file from
2. Copy zip archive into HostBill main directory
3. Extract all files
4. Activate and use

Assign Ticket & External Ticket Addon

Feature Overview

Assign Ticket & External Ticket Addon allows to assign tickets for staff outside any department. Add-on is responsible for creation of new profile to view & access certain ticket.


We hired new developer to make HostBill integration with current website

We were in need to supply him with ticket ID so he can work close with the client. We do not want anyone new enter our main billing system  so we created this addon that sends  him email with following content


You have been assigned to ticket at HostBill System

Ticket [#6741ee] – Import from CVS

Log in here:
Username: TestUser
Password: ErwEERRR

Developer can now work with client on this ticket, ONLY on this ticket.

Video Tutorial

Download & Install

1. Download file from
2. Copy zip archive into HostBill directory: /includes/modules/Other
3. Extract all files

4. Activate in HostBill –

5. Tour –

Registration Blacklist Addon


We were getting a lot of fraud orders with public emails (gmail, yahoo, etc). All registration with public email service are blocked.

You can block registration from certain domain too. Please download our plugin 🙂


Download & Install

1. Download file from
2. Copy zip archive into HostBill directory: /includes/modules/Other
3. Extract all files
4. Activate in HostBill –

End Of Shift Report Form

Back Story

When someone finish shift every manager should know what have been done during shift. This addon enables employee to write report with closed/resolved  tickets during his/her shift. Usage of this addon is not only for support staff. You can make usage of it for support department, sales department or developers.

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CSV Data Exporter

Export data from HostBill to CSV. With this addon you can export:

1. Invoices
2. Transactions
3. Accounts
4. Clients
5. Domains

Price: FREE

Install Instructions: Go to Settings>>Modules>>Plugins

Dedicated Server Addon

If you own or resell a few dedicated servers spread across different collocations, you probably know the pain of managing contacts for them, or going through dozens of emails to find login details or hardware specifications. Well, worry no more, as now you can have all that information in one place – in HostBill!

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