HostBill Fraud protection features

How to protect yourself from fraud with HostBill

Fraud is well known plague for any online business owner and while some payment processors can detect fraudulent orders, your billing platform should create first line of defence against fraud before it hits payment gateway and eventually your pocket to protect your business from costly chargebacks.

With HostBill you can use our built-in fraud protection features or one of integrated third party extensions (Maxmind, FraudRecords, FraudLabsPro) or combine both for even better protection against fraud.


HostBill built-in Fraud Protection plugin

HostBill built-in fraud protection tool comes free with any HostBill licence and will let you make some savings on your fraud protection fees. But this is not the only reason to use it. Our module functionalities allow to lower fraud risk by using your past HostBill orders as reference point to distinguish potential fraud orders automatically.

Who knows your business better than yourself? You know which orders are high risk and which countries are related with the highest chargebacks. HostBill Fraud Protection module will use your knowledge to protect you from fraud. The plugin uses free geolocation databases to protect from order country IP mismatch. It can automatically mark as fraud orders from defined countries or reject orders from IPs related with fraud. You can enable optional verification for returning customers and disable verification for orders submitted by staff members.


Maxmind module

MaxMind is an industry leading provider of IP intelligence and online fraud detection tools
Its MinFraud Module provides various informations about the risk of order being fraudulent and can be just a simple help when accepting orders manually or it can auto block fraudulent orders/clients.

The module analyses order informations sent by HostBill and checks overall fraud score, geographical IP address location information and information about High risk IP address and e-mail. With all the information gathered, MinFraud module can reject high risk and free emails, country mismatch, anonymous proxy and orders based on maximum fraud risk score. When the fraud is detected you can automatically block fraudulent IP. You can skip maxMind check for returning customers and admin orders.


Fraud Record module

Free Fraud Record uses database of fraud, abusive or otherwise unpleasant clients, that is formed by companies like you, so you can enjoy the benefits of easily keeping track of bad customers across different companies. Fraud Record can use even a single email address, IP number, or client name to match a client.

With this module you can check each new order customer details against database. The module will give you information about customer score in FraudRecord database – score higher than 0 means that customer has been reported in past. With this module you can also query FraudRecord Database for current customer score to check if they have been reported in the past, show reports (link to page showing customer record profile) or submit report (there’s a section to submit report about offending customer).


Fraud Labs Pro module

HostBill has recently introduced new module for fraud protection: Fraud Labs Pro. FraudLabsPro provides the choice of over 40 elements to inspect when analyzing the transaction parameters against the fraud (such as IP address, proxy, email address, billing and shipping address, credit card, device and more) and also uses the blacklists data and machine learning technology to improve the efficiency in detecting the fraud attempts.

You can use information provided by FraudLabsPro to manually accept, decline or further review orders or set automatic block on fraudulent orders.

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