HostBill New Release

What’s new in HostBill

At HostBill we put a great effort in listening our customers and responding to both their comments and criticism. We constantly develop our platform adding new functionalities every week to make sure we meet our clients requirements. Here’s the summary of new features developed over the past few weeks.

Payment Gateways

To our list of over 120 payment gateways we have added two new payment integrations. Now HostBill also supports AliPay and P24 (Platnosci.PL) for Stripe Source. We’ve also added support for new Gocardless authorization method to improve your payments collection. And to give you better insight into your income streams you can view your yearly or monthly income by Payment Gateway in statistics tab.

Admin Area

Our admin portal also gets better with each new release. We’ve now enabled admin to export and import settings, including general settings, taxes, currencies, document templates, as well as import and export products with its all settings & components with just one click.

The Forms have been equipped with three new functionalities. It’s now possible to hide selected values (ie deprecated items) from your order pages, instead of deleting them. You can also enable and/or disable client edit on text input forms (input, password, text area).The input/textarea Product Forms field values can now be made searchable through Smart Search.

To help you better organize and manage tickets, you can now set colors to ticket tags and set request type for staff, such as ‘General’,’Incident’,’Problem’,’Task’ or ‘Question’. We’ve also added the support for drag and drop file upload in tickets. These small changes and adding a bit of visual aid may result in improving the efficiency of your whole support department! And what’s the key to delivering better support? Understanding your customers’ needs!  With support statistics available in HostBill you have better insight into the problems your customers are facing most often. And we’ve just added new feature: now you can view ticket tags statistic: monthly and yearly tags usage!

Managing your clients have become easier with new client status: ‘Closing’. Customers with Closing status can log-in but are not allowed to place new orders.

Client Area

We also keep on adding new functions to client area. With the latest HostBill version customer can select their billing (invoice) details during order thanks to Billing Contact plugin.

We’ve also given the customer the ability to edit text-input forms and we’ve made domain management even more hassle-free by enabling customers to manually synchronize pending domains while transferring them.

Integrations & Apps

Our third-party integration portfolio has been expanded: we added Infobip and MessageBird support for text messaging notifications to give you even more resources to better communicate with your clients. And speaking of communication, Status Updates have been changed and new notifications will now use system ticket status for scheduled notifications.

To give you even more tools to protect yourself from fraud we now support FraudLabsPro fraud protection.

We’ve developed a range of new options for ExactOnline module. First of all you can now disable automatic export for proforma and collective invoices. Secondly you can choose to force export client profile, if client was removed from ExactOnline it will create new customer.

And finally you now have the option to select item groups for each product category.

We’ve also expanded client functionalities for Plesk 12/Onyx module. The customer can now manage Plesk Apps and Plesk files from HostBill UI.

Some small changes have also been introduced to NicDirect, Observium, OnApp and vCloud modules to improve their functionality.

The list of all new features and bugs fixed can be found in our Changelog. We post updates every week on Mondays!


  • Jon Hill

    January 16, 2018

    How do we update to the latest GoCardless version? Ours hasn’t worked for months as it still uses the old API…

  • Dominika Grzesik

    January 16, 2018

    Hi Jon, you need to first deactivate the old module “Gocardless_com” in Settings->Modules->Payment and then activate new one “gocardless”.

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