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New release, new features!

This time with HostBill release we’re adding a bunch of new features: Auto PTR for IPAM, new option for adding resource usage to metered billed products, option to control Show/hide out of stock product per product, phone number type field and more! Continue reading to learn the details!

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HostBill New Release

New release!

This week in HostBill we’re introducing a number of improvements and new features to our admin area: new email logging features, warnings about risky ACLs and new options added to IP Manager module!

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HostBill 4.4.4 Release

Friday? So time for another exciting HostBill developments.

New orderpage:
Our new client area theme stands out with its modern design approach – we went extra mile and created new orderpage to match its unique style. Introducing Volume Slider orderpage – make sure to see its video preview!

More about HostBill orderpages:

Major IPAM improvements:
Popular IP management plugin for HostBill, IPAM, just got better – check out the new features at

For full changelog visit:

HostBill 4.3.0 Release

As with every Friday – new HostBill release is here. What’s new?

Invoice Split
It’s now possible to split invoice items into separate invoices, check out this handy new feature in our documentation:

Further IPAM improvements
Our popular IP management plugin is getting better with each release – check out recent improvements here.

For full changelog visit:

HostBill 4.2.8 Release

Another exciting updates from HostBill team! As always, we’re happy to announce that HostBill 4.2.8 is now available to download. So, what’s new?

New orderpage: Dark Bootstrap sliders.
Our bootstrap orderpage was popular already – we’ve created a new, dark variant – filled with ajax goodness – check it out at

Updated: Dedicated Servers & Colocation Plugin
Our colocation plugin was updated – once again. This time we’ve gone extra mile and added port/connection manager – each item can be connected to another on network/power level + each item can now be easily found using search feature. For more detailed review visit:

Updated: IPAM – IP management plugin
Our IP manager has been rewritten from scratch, to allow IPv6 support, easy subnetting, network splitting/joining, assignment management & more. For more detailed review visit:

For full changelog visit

Colocation & IPAM plugin updates

With recent releases we’re working more than hard on improvements to our two commercial plugins:
IP manager – IPAM
Dedicated Servers & Colocation Manager

Let us walk you through some of the amazing new features, step by step of how it can be used in your company, and learn how those two modules work great together!

1. Check walkthrough below to see what’s new in Dedicated servers manager (click on the image for higher resolution)

2. IPAM module has been rewritten from scratch, check what’s new next to IPv6 support: (click on the image for higher resolution)

This is just a start of our plugins improvements – for full changes track our weekly changelog:

HostBill 3.6.0 release

HostBill 3.6.0 is now available for download. Take a 5 min tour and learn what’s new in HostBill:

Bandwidth & Overage Billing
You can now measure bandwidth utilization for your Colocation/Dedicated customers, display graphs from Cacti, bill for overages using Total Transfer or 95th Percentile method.
Learn more at:

Remote Reboots trough PDU
Allow your clients to reboot their Dedicated servers directly from your client area! Staff members can assign PDU ports with SNMP support, turn them off/on directly from HostBill interface.
Learn more at:

Switch/Port control over SNMP/Telnet
When invoice for client’s dedicated server/colocation is due HostBill can automatically disable client’s port in switch using SNMP or Telnet. Staff member can assign switch interfaces, monitor link status through HostBill interface
Learn more at:

Reverse DNS management
IPAM module now allows for automated rDNS management – your client can edit rDNS records on your PowerDNS server directly from client area – no more support tickets or manual zone updates!
Learn more at:

New Admin area Order manager
Placing an order from admin area is now more powerful. Admin can create order for multiple products/services at once, configure forms, enable discounts, save drafts for later use & more.

New OrderPage: 3 plans comparison
Easy to configure comparison of 3 hosting packages with features listing:

Full changelog: