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Invoicing software

Feature overview: Invoicing software to match your needs

HostBill provides powerful invoicing solution that can help you to handle even the most complex invoicing tasks. Create professional and elegant looking invoices in any language or currency in a matter of seconds, and instantly deliver them to your clients so you don’t miss a payment. Stay on top of your business and reduce human errors by automating invoice generation, delivery and notifications.

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How to effectively work remotely with HostBill

In the current situation, with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic present worldwide we face many challenges both in our private and professional lives. Due to the isolation requirements, many of you may now be switching to remote work. Without any prior experience working remote, it can be hard to anticipate the challenges your remote employees will face. Although HostBill is in fact built for remote work, in case this situation is new to you, your employees and colleagues, here we’ve highlighted some of HostBill features that can be especially useful and help you work efficiently.

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HostBill DIY Automation

Feature overview: DIY Automation

HostBill provides powerful automation of key areas of your business: billing, service provisioning and account management, that helps to increase productivity by reducing the time taken to perform repetitive tasks. And as increased productivity with less labour costs means increased profit, we can’t think of a better reason to automate your operations! But apart from standard automation features, with HostBill you can also create your own, custom automation rules for each client and per each product or service.

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HostBill Domain automation and management

Domain automation and management

If you’re selling domains, HostBill is the ultimate domain management software, that will help you to operate your domains with precision and completely effort free. Not only you will free yourself from the most time-consuming tasks by automating them, but we will also give you a powerful sales tool that will provide your customers with smooth buying experience.

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Feature overview: HostBill quotes and estimates – turn leads into deals!

Running a business in such a competing environment is no easy task. Winning customers often means providing high quality services and products with a competitve pricing. Using a standardized price list that remains the same for every customer not always works. Sometimes you need to provide tailored prices for the specific products or services a customer wants to buy. Or sometimes you simply don’t want to reveal your prices. And here’s where HostBill steps in providing you with the ability to create and send quotes, easily convert them into invoices and turn leads into deals!

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Why you should start selling SSL certificates

SSL becomes the necessity

SSL certificate protects website from many threats: data breaches, phishing scams and other. Both website owners and visitors are becoming more aware about secure environment of the websites, especially those that ask for personal information, such as e-commerce sites. Non-https sites are treated with caution also by search engines. As of this year Google marks all the websites without the SSL certificate as ‘not secure’. Not having SSL certificate will result in website visitors being warned in the URL bar about the security issues. And no website owner wants that – and that’s why the demand for SSL certificates becomes higher. Continue Reading