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DIY Metered Billing

New feature: DIY Metered Billing

Metered Billing is a well-known concept for HostBill users but we’re now making this feature even more powerful! With DIY Metered Billing you can use this pricing model for any product or service you want to sell and define your own variables, that will be measured and billed!

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This week we’ve got a real treat for you, as today’s release is full with new features! We’re introducing new domain registrar module, new payment solution, update to Password Manager module, new features added to Theme 2019 and Domain Cart order page, new Order notification, an update to Credit Notes and more! Keep on reading to find out the details!

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HostBill New Release

New release!

This week in HostBill we’re introducing a number of improvements and new features to our admin area: new email logging features, warnings about risky ACLs and new options added to IP Manager module!

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