Multi-channel support

Feature overview: Multi-channel support

Providing different methods of communication for your customers to reach you and answering all enquiries with the same level of professionalism and agility is what your customers expect from you. Multi-channel support – not only increases customer satisfaction and customer retention but also boosts your brand’s image and credibility. At HostBill we give you the opportunity to serve your clients in a variety of ways that are convenient and effective.

Variety of Support Channels

With HostBill you can offer your customers multiple ways of communication with your team. The most important element of your support service is our powerful Ticketing System (in detail described here). This flexible and automated help desk software with a multitude of features allows to provide exceptional customer service. HostBill ticketing system can be used as a channel of communication with both registered and non-registered customers. New tickets can be created (by both customers and staff members) inside the ticketing system or by email – you can enable email import directly from your inbox to fetch support emails and automatically turn them into tickets or ticket replies. With our Ticketing System your staff have the opportunity to reply to support tickets virtually from anywhere: tickets can be replied to via email which will be then automatically imported into the system. 

HostBill also offers a Live Chat module, which allows to engage website visitors to communicate with you in real-time, so you can assist with purchases and provide live support. Another option to help your clients to answer to their possible queries is to offer them client self-service through articles in a knowledge-base or info pages. Basically, the idea is to be as customer-centric as possible giving every customer the chance to interact with your company in the channel they prefer and to connect multiple communication streams together to provide great customer experience.

Efficient notification system

To stay in touch with your customers and keep them up-to-date with important events you can use various notification tools. With HostBill you can make sure your clients will not miss any important piece of information and set automatic notifications (or send them manually) using multiple channels: an email, text message or push notification on their phone. You can also display hard to miss notifications in client area. Notifications can be used to inform your clients about important events, that may require customers to take the action or when you want your customers to pay attention to a certain issue.

Cohesive and integrated support service

The challenge is not only to be accessible in multiple support channels, but also to deliver consistent and an integrated service quality through these channels. With HostBill customization features you can provide a unified brand experience so that customer can switch between multiple channels yet still experience quality of service. Having everything centralized in a single platform makes it easier for your team to work comfortably, and to deliver quick answers. No need to spend valuable time switching between channels to gather information – everything you need is right here in your HostBill admin area!

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