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HostBill 4.4.2 Release

Friday – time for another HostBill release. With 4.4.2 we’re introducing couple of new modules, you should definitely check out:

Plugin: Ticket Related Service
While opening support ticket your customer will now be able to define which of his services his support message is related to. Admin section of ticket related service plugin will display it on top of page for staff convenience. Learn more at

Full changelog available at

HostBill 4.1.8 Release

HostBill 4.1.8 is out – just in time for Christmas 😉 Whats new?

Ticket Notes Preview
This simple plugin is built to save time – just hover your mouse over notes icon in tickets listing to see recent comments.

Developers: Clientarea dynamic pages
We’re listening to our customers requests – one of most commonly requested developer documentation was how to create custom pages in HostBill, that allow php code – as usual – its very simple ! Learn more at

Full changelog available at

From entire HostBill team we would like to wish you Happy Holidays and Amazing New, 2013 Year!

HostBill 4.1.0 Release

New HostBill version is ready and available to download. Check out whats new in 4.1.0:

Cloud OrderPage
This is 1 of 2 new order pages with HostBill 4.1.0 – ideal for cloud/vps packages, with amazing graphics and functionality!

Check out video preview at

Package sliders, One-step orderpage
If you’re selling virtual datacenters or any configurable packages with popular premade sets – this is perfect orderpage for you. payment gateway
By popular demand we’re introducing powerful integration.
Learn more at

Ticket Views
Another great feature of HostBill ticketing system
ticket views enable staff members to create custom ticket listings with personalized columns and data set.
Learn more at

Full changelog available at

HostBill 4.1.0 Preview: Ticket Views

Just a couple of hours left before new HostBill version release – we’d like to take a time and show you amazing new feature of upcoming update.

HostBill ticketing system is recognized as easy to use, despite being packed with dozens of useful features. With new version we’re adding new one to admin ticketing interface – Ticket Views. Now every admin will be able to define his custom ticket listing, select auto-search & ticket filter criteria, columns and column order displayed in view.
Each admin can define his private views (displayed only for him), or public (displayed for all support staff members).

Use cases:

  • Using mobile phone and want to catch up with your tickets on train? Define mobile view to display only your tickets and ticket subjects/status (you don’t need anything else on small smartphone screen) – one click away and you can see only what you need.
  • Using ticket tags & search terms to sort special groups of tickets – define view and have them one click away from you
  • Certain search term repeats? When entering new filter details you can store it as view with one click

HostBill 3.9.6 Preview: Dynamic attachment uploads

Your clients will love improvement scheduled for 3.9.6 release (2012-09-28) – dynamic attachment uploads for support tickets. Just drag & drop files into upload area or choose them manually and you’re there – no more hours of waiting after ticket submit for attachments to upload. Let them load once message is being composed.

Below you can find short demonstration of this feature in action:

HostBill 3.7.0 Release

HostBill 3.7.0 is now available for download. What’s new in latest HostBill?

Major ticket improvements:

  • Ticket macros – now you can add predefined response to ticket & automatically perform actions like status change, priority change, staff assignment & more.
  • Bulk actions – select multiple tickets in details screen to apply bulk action – using ticket macros and custom criteria you can update similar tickets at once!
  • Advanced ticket filters – create pre-import filters to determine tickets that should be rejected and post-import to apply automated actions after ticket creation based on your custom rules.
  • SLA/Escalations – HostBill now can automatically escalate & overdue tickets based on SLA set per department

Learn more about ticketing system in HostBill at

Mobile notifications:

  • Now your staff members and customers can receive mobile notifications on certain events in HostBill, like new or escalated tickets, new orders, new/due invoice, expiring domain & more.
  • Mobile notification modules include Twilio, Clickatell, Prowl (iPhone Push), NMA (Android Push)

OnApp module improvements:

  • Your cloud customers now will be able to manage rDNS records for their IPs
  • Clients can now create tags for their virtual machines, for easier management

One Time Passwords Plugin:
Enable additional layer of security for your HostBill adminarea – you can protect your admin section with Time-based One Time Passwords. Use your mobile device (tested with iPhone and Android) to generate one time password that will allow you to login.

New OrderPage: 3 steps slider.
Your clients will love new order page for your products – product ordering easy as 1,2,3.

Full changelog:

HostBill 3.4.1 Release – introducing ticket sharing

HostBill is now compliant with guidelines – an initiative that allows you to connect multiple communication streams together to provide great customer experience. You can now connect multiple HostBill installations to work with other brands or branches in your company on support issues. You can also outsource your support easily to other companies – share your tickets!

  • You can connect one or more HostBills to work on your tickets
  • Create training environment easily, without giving access to main brand data to new employees
  • Connect other help desks in your company
  • Secure – shared ticket notifications are sent by HostBill master – source for ticket share
  • Easy to share – just click More actions->Share with #your_tag_name
  • Easy to aggregate – shared tickets are marked by ticket tag. Remove tag = remove share

Learn more about ticket sharing at

Full changelog:

Order/ free trial:

HostBill 3.2.4 Released

Cloudstack and XenServer integration – brand new HostBill is here!

Whats new in HostBill?

CloudStack – build your cloud hosting on top of CloudStack infrastructure and automated billing with HostBill – fully featured client area and multiple provisioning possibilities – learn more at:

Citrix XenServer – Automated VM provisioning on popular XenServer hypervisor with HostBill

OnApp CDN Metered Billing – You can now sell CDN service with Pay-As-You go model – clients will pay only for CDN traffic consumed

And much more, including Coupon code upgrades, Clientarea IP restrictions and ticketing system improvements.

Full changelog:


Order/ free trial:

Assign Ticket & External Ticket Addon

Feature Overview

Assign Ticket & External Ticket Addon allows to assign tickets for staff outside any department. Add-on is responsible for creation of new profile to view & access certain ticket.


We hired new developer to make HostBill integration with current website

We were in need to supply him with ticket ID so he can work close with the client. We do not want anyone new enter our main billing system  so we created this addon that sends  him email with following content


You have been assigned to ticket at HostBill System

Ticket [#6741ee] – Import from CVS

Log in here:
Username: TestUser
Password: ErwEERRR

Developer can now work with client on this ticket, ONLY on this ticket.

Video Tutorial

Download & Install

1. Download file from
2. Copy zip archive into HostBill directory: /includes/modules/Other
3. Extract all files

4. Activate in HostBill –

5. Tour –

Support Tickets: Custom Fields


Running hosting company support is critical. You need to decrease number of replies for customers to get problems solved.

You very often ask clients for

  • root password for VPS
  • Version of software they are running
  • Upload necessary files

This is why we have added new feature Custom Fields. Your customers can immediately add additional information when new ticket is created.

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