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Colocation & IPAM plugin updates

With recent releases we’re working more than hard on improvements to our two commercial plugins:
IP manager – IPAM
Dedicated Servers & Colocation Manager

Let us walk you through some of the amazing new features, step by step of how it can be used in your company, and learn how those two modules work great together!

1. Check walkthrough below to see what’s new in Dedicated servers manager (click on the image for higher resolution)

2. IPAM module has been rewritten from scratch, check what’s new next to IPv6 support: (click on the image for higher resolution)

This is just a start of our plugins improvements – for full changes track our weekly changelog:

HostBill 4.2.6 Release

New, packed with features HostBill version is available. What’s new?

Nagios Monitoring for Dedicated Servers Plugin
You can now connect your devices in Dedicated Servers plugin with Nagios monitoring – allowing you to check services status directly from the plugin. You can also allow your clients to browse monitored services from HostBill client area.
Learn more at

Product Bundles
You can now create package containing multiple products, domains and addons as special offers – apply your custom pricing, timeframe, coupons & more.
Learn more at

Dedicated Servers Manager improvements
One of our popular plugins just reached version 4.0! Redesigned with new features it’s becoming the main tool for many colocation companies.

For full changelog visit

HostBill 4.2.4 Release

It’s time for new HostBill release – version 4.2.4 is ready for download. So what’s new?

Multiple modules per product
Users of Dedicated Servers & Colocation Manager can benefit from the ability to connect multiple Apps/modules under a single product. This gives you great opportunity to connect bandwidth monitoring module (ie. Cacti) and provisioning (ie. NOC-PS) for your Dedicated Servers offering. Learn more

Custom Reports
You can now easily create custom reports in HostBill – the only requirement is a minimal SQL knowledge – our editor will help you to do rest by showing hints with the list of all HostBill tables and their fields! Learn more

Google Charts in Reports
HostBill provides Reports to export data ie using summary tables/PDFs etc., and statistics to represent most important data on charts. Now you can easily show your data exported in Reports section as Google Chart – all with  a couple of mouse clicks.

For full changelog visit

HostBill 3.9.6 Preview: Client-Configurable Bandwidth Billing

You may already know that HostBill works great with Colocation/Dedicated servers offering, allowing to measure and bill for bandwidth usage – more details can be found here:

With 3.9.6 we’re introducing new possibility – your clients will be able to choose their bandwidth billing method, and limits directly from cart! One mouse click in product configuration, and you can set smart product configuration.

Using this method overage rate is calculated automatically, based on pricing client selected during order.
It also allows client to upgrade to higher bandwidth limit anytime during billing cycle!

HostBill 3.6.0 release

HostBill 3.6.0 is now available for download. Take a 5 min tour and learn what’s new in HostBill:

Bandwidth & Overage Billing
You can now measure bandwidth utilization for your Colocation/Dedicated customers, display graphs from Cacti, bill for overages using Total Transfer or 95th Percentile method.
Learn more at:

Remote Reboots trough PDU
Allow your clients to reboot their Dedicated servers directly from your client area! Staff members can assign PDU ports with SNMP support, turn them off/on directly from HostBill interface.
Learn more at:

Switch/Port control over SNMP/Telnet
When invoice for client’s dedicated server/colocation is due HostBill can automatically disable client’s port in switch using SNMP or Telnet. Staff member can assign switch interfaces, monitor link status through HostBill interface
Learn more at:

Reverse DNS management
IPAM module now allows for automated rDNS management – your client can edit rDNS records on your PowerDNS server directly from client area – no more support tickets or manual zone updates!
Learn more at:

New Admin area Order manager
Placing an order from admin area is now more powerful. Admin can create order for multiple products/services at once, configure forms, enable discounts, save drafts for later use & more.

New OrderPage: 3 plans comparison
Easy to configure comparison of 3 hosting packages with features listing:

Full changelog:

Dedicated Server Addon

If you own or resell a few dedicated servers spread across different collocations, you probably know the pain of managing contacts for them, or going through dozens of emails to find login details or hardware specifications. Well, worry no more, as now you can have all that information in one place – in HostBill!

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