Dedicated Server Addon

If you own or resell a few dedicated servers spread across different collocations, you probably know the pain of managing contacts for them, or going through dozens of emails to find login details or hardware specifications. Well, worry no more, as now you can have all that information in one place – in HostBill!

With our add-on you’ll be able to manage collocations where you host your servers, contacts to them, and keep information about racks, servers, switches, labels etc. Just take a look at the screenshots:

Click on the image above for add-on quick tour

Other Videos:

Installation instructions :

1. Upload files to main directory of HostBill (example: /public_html)

2. Extract file

3. Go to Extras ==> Plugins and activate DediMgr plugin.

4.  Manager can be accessed at Extras ==> Dedicated Server Manager

Price:$299.95 / One time fee Order now

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