HostBill 3.6.0 release

HostBill 3.6.0 is now available for download. Take a 5 min tour and learn what’s new in HostBill:

Bandwidth & Overage Billing
You can now measure bandwidth utilization for your Colocation/Dedicated customers, display graphs from Cacti, bill for overages using Total Transfer or 95th Percentile method.
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Remote Reboots trough PDU
Allow your clients to reboot their Dedicated servers directly from your client area! Staff members can assign PDU ports with SNMP support, turn them off/on directly from HostBill interface.
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Switch/Port control over SNMP/Telnet
When invoice for client’s dedicated server/colocation is due HostBill can automatically disable client’s port in switch using SNMP or Telnet. Staff member can assign switch interfaces, monitor link status through HostBill interface
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Reverse DNS management
IPAM module now allows for automated rDNS management – your client can edit rDNS records on your PowerDNS server directly from client area – no more support tickets or manual zone updates!
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New Admin area Order manager
Placing an order from admin area is now more powerful. Admin can create order for multiple products/services at once, configure forms, enable discounts, save drafts for later use & more.

New OrderPage: 3 plans comparison
Easy to configure comparison of 3 hosting packages with features listing:

Full changelog:

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